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Feature Request: add subdirectories to "Sets"

Please consider adding the ability to create subdirectories within Sets.  When creating lessons it would be helpful to be able to sort them in subdirectoreis within a parent Subdirectory. For example, let's say I am creating a series on Brazilian rhythms, with added subdirectories, I could name the parent directory "Brazilian Rhythms" and create subdirectories, Samba, Samba Reggae, Afoxe, etc.  

Also, please add the ability to create, delete and rename sets within the Sets View (

UFC 237 Live Stream Online Free Full Fight

Watch UFC 237 Live Stream Online Free Full Fight here:

Alex Volkanovski comprehends you may not know him yet.And that is OK."But in a half year time," the Wollongong warrior cautions, "individuals could be calling me one of the best UFC contenders ever". 

When a stocky bramble prop with Warilla Gorillas, Volkanovski will all of a sudden become one of the greatest names in the Australian battle diversion this Sunday on the off chance that he can disturb unbelievable Brazilian Jose Aldo at UFC 237 in Rio de Janeiro. 

Should he win, the 30-year-old Sydneysider will more likely than not be pitched into a title battle with UFC featherweight champ Max Holloway. 

Better, UFC authorities have just examined the capability of holding said session on a similar Australian card as middleweight champ Robert Whittaker, who is set to guard his own gold tie against rising New Zealand wonder Israel Adesanya. 

On the whole, Aldo; the Brazilian extraordinary who, while referred to easygoing fans as the man Conor McGregor kayoed in 13 seconds, once went the best piece of 10 years as an undefeated champ. 

Without a doubt, while Volkanovski is on an undefeated run extending five years and 16 battles — including every one of the six Octagon appearances — the Aussie will enter UFC 237 as a +105 dark horse with Las Vegas bookmakers. 

Aldo, in the interim, is - 135, or the second most brief cost of any principle card contender. 

However having finished the vocation of American most loved Chad Mendes last December, and with an imaginable shot at Holloway his reward for winning, Volkanovski stays persuaded he can guarantee three UFC greats inside a year. 

"So things are extremely going to change for me," Volkanovski reveals to The Daily Telegraph, presently bunkered down in Brazil. 

"Also, I express that with no disregard to Jose Aldo. 

"He's a standout amongst the best to ever contend in the UFC and I'm certainly anticipating an intense battle from him. 

"But at the same time that is the thing that will improve this success to such an extent. 

"On the off chance that I win, I've beaten a legend. And after that later in the year, to go win a world title against Max Holloway, which is the thing that I plan on doing … don't be shocked if in a half year time, individuals are taking a gander at me as one of the best ever." 

Furthermore, concerning beginning a dark horse with bookies? 

"Couldn't care less," he says. "Individuals were stating something very similar before the Chad Mendes battle and, for that one, I was more formed than any time in recent memory. 

"For me, Aldo is simply one more man over the enclosure. 

"On the off chance that anything, being the longshot gives me a lift. Like 'no doubt, you think?'." 

Ought to Volkanovski upset Aldo, his administration will quickly push for a battle with Hollaway, in all probability as the co-primary to Whittaker versus Adesanya. 

Albeit precisely when that card is held, and where, stays obscure. 

As uncovered by The Daily Telegraph on Monday, Team Whittaker are fervently contradicted to battling on October 6, a similar day as the NRL terrific last. It is comprehended that date has been talked about, with Bankwest Stadium, Marvel Stadium and Suncorp Stadium every single potential setting.


UFC 237 Live Stream Online Free Full Fight
UFC 237 Live Stream Online Free Full
UFC 237 Live Stream Online Free
UFC 237 Live Stream Online
UFC 237 Live Stream
UFC 237 Live
UFC 237

Bug report for Musescore 2.3.0

It seems with this version is impossible to add a score to my SongBook. I tried the two methods that worked in previous versions:
1. Open in Musescore (from Gdrive or any other cloud app).
2. Drag and drop via Airdrop from my Mac to my iPad.
In both cases, nothing happens (well, with Airdrop there is a small flash saying "copying", but nothing is copied). 
I reinstalled the app from the Appstore, only to see my previous scores in my SongBook are gone...
Thanks a lot for your work!

Jazz basics lesson #1

I am summarizing this lesson from reddit.

The first thing that unfortunatemuso states is a really important chord progression.
It is - ii V I (so if you are in c major it would be (Dm G7 C)

Try making a song based on that chord progression and let me know in the comment if you do. I know I know it's short. But at least it is something


Okay! For this challenge, you'll get to create any score of your liking!!!! Have fun with your composing!
This time you'll have to sign up to this challenge. Once you enter you can back off of this challenge after 3 days of the starting date of the competition.

Start : 5th May 
End : 25th May
RESULTS : 31st May

For any questions, contact me through private message of musescore.