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Invite suggestions + Advertising

Suggest people to send a direct invite to! Advertising the group is great and everything, but we need to send invites to specific people if we want lots of people. Suggest them here, and I'll invite them if I haven't already, or if they're not already in the group.

Edit: If anyone would like to advertise the group for me, that would be appreciated. Also, suggestions of what groups are good to advertise in would be nice.

Car Accidents...?

Just curious, have any of you ever been in a car accident? Or know someone that was?
I was in one just last year, in Yellowstone. We were in a bear jam, and someone in a huge truck didn't see us and backed into us. Damaging our car, and if my dad hadn't honked the horn, I wouldn't be here today, because the truck would have kept coming and I would have been the first to go...

App does not display vertical arpeggio symbols

Cross post from forum bugs category

I've transcribed a score with vertical arpeggio squiggles for piano notation. These symbols can be found in
bar 25 of the score. I have attached a screenshot from my mobile device for reference. These markings are visible in the score but are not visible in the rendered score only on this mobile platform.

Pushing Limits (Piano Teaser)
This is the piano score of something big I've got coming next month. I don't really want to say much more than that just yet, but this is quite exciting for me, as it's my first proper commission. It gets released in just over a month, but I couldn't wait much longer, so arranged this from it. It's not a perfect piano arrangement, but I mainly wanted something to show off what's coming soon!


Important Update

Now that I am admin of this group I want the legacy to live on.
Once a week I am going to give myself a Jazz lesson and I will summarize the lesson for all of you that do not know anything(Including myself) about jazz.
If you have any other ideas for the group let me know.

- Ethan