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Eek! I forgot to do this yesterday. The group is already dying, so uhh… :o
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Zoom in Chord Symbols in Songbook Section

Also in the newest release of the Musescore App (2.2.6, updated 25.3.2019) for Android the Chord Symbols are not zoomed in with the rest of the notation. With higher Zoom level they get so small that it is very hard to read while playing.
I use this mode mainly for playing with my Sax with simple 1 to 3 line songs with chords to improvise on the chords on my Huawai Tablet.
This problem does not depend on Android release nor on Hardware provider.

Songbook on android tablet: Volume sliders and window scrolling on instruments do not works.

Can anyone suggest me how to solve the following dysfunction?

1) In SongBook, on my tablet Huawei T3 10 with o.s. android 7, tapping the tool volume sliders icon, the window appears with the cursor controls, but you don't see all the instruments (and this is normal and understandable), but the serious thing is that the vertical cursor bar do not works  (and also inexplicably, disappears after a second) making impossible to them scroll so as to make them visible; 
2) And finally, still in that window, the horizontal cursors for adjusting the volume of the visible instruments, do not works, regardless of the vertical or horizontal position of the tablet.

Tag results empty

There are entries with the same tag that yield no result when clicked - here are a few examples (I suspect there are more):

I don't count ones like this because of the casing (it opens a can of worms to do with typography - e.g. multiple kinds of apostrophes), nor my own one (it wouldn't appear in normal search anyway - I have to use the function in 'My Scores', which is fine).

Synthesiser sounds bad

1. Open score.
2. Enable Synthesiser.
3. Play.

Result: Aside from the custom soundfont not playing (fallback solution in desktop software? Also for the sake of apps) and the volume not matching the score, there is distortion and repetition from around bar 3 (sounds awful).

Note: Similar story with this (default soundfont) - it stutters and gets stuck on notes.