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Synthesiser sounds bad

1. Open score.
2. Enable Synthesiser.
3. Play.

Result: Aside from the custom soundfont not playing (fallback solution in desktop software? Also for the sake of apps) and the volume not matching the score, there is distortion and repetition from around bar 3 (sounds awful).

Note: Similar story with this (default soundfont) - it stutters and gets stuck on notes.

Change Requests

 I'm loving MDL so far; it's everything I've wanted out of Musescore percussion, and more. However, there were a few minor things that I've noticed missing that might make for nice additions.
First off, bass drum shots would be nice. Most lines use rim shots (in addition to clicks) on at least first and second bass, so notation for shots vs. rim clicks on basses might come in handy.
Secondly, a hand mute for Drums 3 and 4 on the tenors would make a nice addition, since skanks (shot on 3rd or 4th followed immediately by mute) are fairly common.
And finally, let me say that I know that Muse is a notation software and not a playback software, so this one might be asking too much: it might be nice to have zone changes (specifically on snare) in playback in the future, just to enhance the difference between guts/halfway/center/etc.
Thanks for reading! 

Just how do I add a picture onto a comment/discussion post?

It always just shows up as links. Like this picture, I tried the embed code on imgur and nothing happens

This is the embed thing, I added spaces so it wouldn't show up blank 
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Important Update

Now that I am admin of this group I want the legacy to live on.
Once a week I am going to give myself a Jazz lesson and I will summarize the lesson for all of you that do not know anything(Including myself) about jazz.
If you have any other ideas for the group let me know.

- Ethan