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Video Game Track

Hello everyone!

I just finished my first piece that wasn't just for flute or recorder, haha.

I'm applying as a video game design major this year, and in my portfolio I wanted to submit some compositions that could potentially end up in a video game. Hence, this piece.

I could imagine it as the title screen song or when you're strolling around a town, but any other concepts are welcome. I tried to make it suitable enough to track indefinitely, which is why I put a repeat sign that goes back to measure one.

Please tell me what you think / what I could improve on in the comments - any critique would be welcome.

Note - I don't play the piano, so any tips with that part especially would be wonderful.

Thanks so much!

Scroll bars in embeddable widget

I haven't tried using the embed widget for scores in a while, but I recently started to have a need for this.  It's great, except 0 the scroll bars seems to never function.  It shows nothing available to scroll (or only a millimeter in either direction) so I can't view the entire page except when full screen.  I've tried playing with the height parameter but other than changing the height, no effect on scrolling.  Is this a known issue, some parameter I need to set, or what?

Trumpet part is accenting every note when I upload it to MuseScore?

I'm working on a piece that's supposed to be floaty and lyrical, not at all harsh or strong. In the actual MuseScore program, my trumpet part plays notes one volume the whole way through. No accenting or decrescendoing after the start of the note. But when I upload the piece to, and listen to it there, the trumpet part noticeably accents every note, and it sticks out like crazy. How can I fix this?

Webinars for/by MuseScore composers? A question.

Good day! I wonder if there's actually some webinars/interactive video lessons to improve the skills with the sheet music creative work. It will be interesting for beginners to watch something like online masterclass/workshop with a professional composer mentorship. It's interesting for me, like:

— If there's already established channels (like YouTube/Twitch streams of something similar) with MuseScore lessons;
— If there are composers who are interested to show their skills for online education and help the beginners to learn.

I'd like to discuss because it's not easy to find an educational content in a good quality prepared by the established professionals. 

JRPG-style tunes

Hey guys.

I'm fairly new to using MuseScore, and new to using the site, so sorry if I'm posting out of bounds.

I recently got back into writing music after a long while as the result of some eventful life experiences. That said, here're two tunes I've written to get back into things that I'd like a few ears for.

I'm also open to hearing any tricks anyone knows about MuseScore to help with some problems I couldn't figure out, namely dynamics issues resulting in sudden/jarring transitions at points.

In any case, I'm an avid student of Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Motoi Sakuraba, Tenpei Sato, Yuzo Koshiro, et al. and I think my style reflects a lot of things I've learned from them over my years of study! Hope I don't make anyone's ears bleed.

Some stuff I like (stuff you like too, if you comment on this)

in moozick

1. Keyboard Cat
2. CoryxKenshin (he's my man)
3. Musescore
4. Checking out other people's creations(anywhere, but mostly on Musescore)
5. the outdoors
6. biking(kinda outdoors)
7. muscle cars
8. Roblox
9. Friends & Family(everyone, actually)
10. When people join moozick.
11. Learning about the past(My dad has a bunch of stuff from the `70s).
12. `80s Rock & Roll(Bon Jovi is really good).

I will add more throughout the days, maybe.

My First Orchestral Waltz

Hi there!
It's me again, this time I just want to ask you for an opinion about my work, this is my first waltz for the orchestra, so I'm very excited to have finished it, and I would like to know what you think about it, if you could give it an eye and leave me a comment please. I consider myself a romantic composer, so I hope that feeling is conveyed properly.  

Thanks in advance :)

Three dots at the very right, with added audio mp3 in the managed audio section, don't do anything anymore, where they used to have a Delete function.

Often I have an improved audio and want to add a new mp3 (YT audio-video). 
Then there used to be a function, and I reported this several times a long time ago and nothing had been done to it (which one gets when there is no ticket system; which every professional, commercial company that works with customers that use it should have), that when hitting the three dots at the very right next to the added mp3 (in the added audio overview page), one could delete it. It does nothing anymore.

If I want to delete it, I have to enter it and then at the very bottom I can delete it. 
Wouldn't it be very simple and also welcome, to add that function back to those three dots as well? I think so. Please do.  (when hovering over the three dots, it still says that, but it does not work). I even mailed the issue with screen prints; no response what soever. Maybe mentioning it here helps, because the "help" desk now tells me that if I have an issue I have to mention it online (which seems to say that they don't respond to emails any more at all... )