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Why do all my arrangements of public domain pieces get reverted back to "non-public-domain" by MuseScore?

I created an arrangement of a public domain piece, but gave it a different title (a punny one) to not only show that it is an arrangement, but what kind of arrangement it is. When I uploaded the piece to, I had to select whether it was an original composition, or if it was based upon a public domain work or based upon a work that is still protected. I selected public domain, because my source material is completely and utterly public domain.

Then I am given a message that the status was changed to "Non-public-domain" because the title somehow didn't match? I try adding the public domain title to my arrangement but an hour later I am told that it is back to "non-public-domain."

This implies that I am using a copyrighted, protected source for my arrangement, and that I did not receive permission to use the piece. This is flatly and blatantly untrue, yet the website continues to insist that I am using a protected piece of music (non-public-domain). I made the submission private rather than continue to be accused by an organization of illegally arranging a copyrighted piece without permission.

This is a solid dealbreaker for using the website as far as I'm concerned: my reputation is on the line, and it appears that is asserting copyright protection (and collecting and distributing royalties) on arrangements of mine from pieces based in the public domain. I do not like being falsely accused of using a protected piece without permission, ESPECIALLY when I am actually using a piece that is firmly considered part of the public domain.

How can this be resolved so that my arrangements of works from the 1800s, clearly in the public domain, can be classified as coming from such instead of lumping them in with all the apparently infringing works that are based upon current pieces that ARE protected?

Good music ideas for composing?

Hi. New to musescore and wanted to share good music/piece/or song ideas for composing. I'm a beginner, so I'm not very good. But I've always wanted to play Ms. Pac Man maze madness music on piano... as it's very catchy. Ha ha. If anyone wants to compose this soundtrack, I mean that'd be really neat. Also if you have any other ideas for composing music that you think should be on musescore, go ahead and comment. Thanks. Sorry if this discussion topic already exists. Link below for Ms. Pac man maze madness extended playlist on youtube. lol.