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Waltz for harp - Op. 62

 School has started for some weeks now, as I am in the last year of high school, there has been less time for compositions, although I am still actively working on a few projects (both large and small). I hope my more avid followers, as well as friends, can understand. Your continued support means a lot to me! :) 

 Short waltz. Let me know if there are any challanges to play this (as this is my first harp composition). Feedback is always appreciated. 

MS2 or MS3?

Hello all,

I'm curious as to how many people on this site have transitioned to MuseScore 3.x.x and how many still primarily use MuseScore 2.x.x (I assume 2.3.x, depending on when people last updated), since all MS3 versions are not backwards compatible with MS2 (you can use them to open/read/edit files from older version of MuseScore, but you can't open an MS3 file with any MS2 builds as far as I am aware). 

Cuphead fan based medley

 Hello everyone! @realrandynewman and I are doing this very fun cuphead  pastiche medley. So how this works is everyone makes one piece based on  the big band jazz from cuphead. This can either be a plane battle piece a  run and gun or a regular boss battle. We need at least 7 people to  complete the medley. Each piece must have a rhyming name like "Wolly  warbles in aviary action" or "eartha earthquake in jungle rumble". When  your done Randy will fix the pieces up and put it in the medley. Put a  comment saying what the name of your piece will be and get our piece up  in the next 3 weeks and you can be in the medley!

Have a good day! 

Deleting scores that viewers have favorited

Hello, I am a fairly new musescorer and I haven't gone pro yet..., But I have transcribed over 100 pieces of music which i would still love to share with fellow users. So I post five I a time, and then I rotate, the pieces until I get through everything. I have already cycled 5 sets of music so far so I have 75 more pieces of music to post and rotate through. I leave each set up for two weeks and then which ever one has the most news I keep and cycle the rest through. However I've noticed that some viewers has actually favorited my pieces and saved them.

So when I Delete a score off of my profile do they lose that score as a favorite?, because I would love for them to keep it have and I would hate to be the one to take it from them.

Help Me!

I am dating my girlfriend (obviously) and I am worried, because we might break up because we never see each other anymore, and will end up at different high schools, I don't want to break up with her because she provided me a lot of stability when going through rough times, and I still like her. And there is this other person I think I might like, but I still like my girlfriend. This whole this is so confusing, and I'm not even sure if my girlfriend still likes me. Anyways I need advice. And if we break up, how can we make it so we are still friends, because we were friend before we started dating. 

Hi everyone!

Hi, everyone, I'm relatively new on MuseScore and I just joined this group. I love music and photography and I have been doing both for several years. I play piano by ear, although I can read notation. I just got a new camera in February, a Nikon D500. It's really cool. And it doesn't have an Auto mode; only AV, TV, P, and Manual. (I shoot in Manual). I really like taking photos of birds, but anything in the outdoors will do. You can see my best stuff at I'm really glad to be a member of the ONLY photography group on MuseScore. I have a few questions though: are we supposed to upload scores here, or just discuss things? And if we upload scores, to they have to have a photo cover? And what about competitions and stuff like that?