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Potential spam?

I receive a private message just now:

"Hi my dear friend.
how are you?i hope fine. you have a nice profile here which interest me,i am very much interested to be your friend i don't chat here on always to enable direct communication between us, ..."

Anyone else receiving this from someone? BTW I just blocked the sender but I want to check if I am the only one.

Release 2.2.4


Today we published a new release in which the long-awaited export to PDF by parts. 

If the app is not updated automatically, go to the app page in the App Store.

For a long time we had to use PDF versions from the site. Now you can save PDF files using transpose as an example. 

Now we are working on a big update, because the next version will appear only in a couple of weeks.  Good luck to all!

Piano Roll ahead by one measure when using external audio source.

So generally I use a youtube audio source for my pieces so I can add the UHQ audio in. However the piano roll editor always seems to be ahead by one measure from the measure selected in the score. If there was a way to sync the role editor up to the youtube source that would be great, cause I'd love to use it as a part of my scores. 

Simplify orchestral piano roll?

I noticed the piano roll now works for scores with more than just a piano and that's great. But, I am not so sure how great the orchestral piano roll is. I mean just look at this orchestral piece in the piano roll:

In full orchestra moments, I see 10 to 12 colors. That is a lot. Contrast that with the piano roll in this youtube video:

Very simple, just 5 colors for the whole piece. Once you get to orchestral scores, it doesn't really matter so much that "Oh the violins are playing this and the flutes are playing that." Rather it matters more whether what you are hearing is strings, woodwinds, brass, tympani, or a solo instrument(in this case piano).

Now I'm not saying you should abide by the youtube video's piano roll for orchestral scores. What I am saying is that it would be nice if you simplified the piano roll for those scores so that we don't have to think "okay which instrument does this color represent?" It would also be more colorblindness friendly(I'm not colorblind but I'm sure some people using musescore(both software and site) are colorblind.

New Lick Video, Thanks MuseScore Drumline!

Here's the link:

I'm starting to make videos like this one where I teach you how to play one of my original tenor licks, and MuseScore Drumline has helped me so much in making these kinds of videos! Honestly, I don't know of another program that does what it can do, and I probably wouldn't be able to do this without it.

I hope you guys enjoy the video, I had a lot of fun making it! All the sheet music is on profile on here, and the second video is on the way.