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Playback unexpectedly jumps to start

 SInce FEB 7, 2019 On IOS devices (IPAD & IPHONE) Playback unexpectedly jumps to start, pause, play and page selector not working. Tested on many devices: same result. Tested on a lot of private sheet music: same result. Tested on random sheet music in the Community: same result. Tested sheet music used for test on IOS played succesfully on Windows 7, 10 & Android devices. EX of sheet music used for test:
. No work around found.Test files used was playing correctly before FEB 7, 2019. Tried to update IOS 12.1.4: same unsuccesful result. 

RULES (Must Be Read Before Sign Up)!

Thanks for joining! If you're thinking of competing in this awesome group, there a few rules that must be announced before you sign up. 

1. No plagiarism! (No exceptions and will be removed).

2. No foul language (of any kind, includes bullying and offensive language otherwise you will be removed).

3. Must sign in first. If you compete without signing in, it makes things harder for Jay and me to ref.

4. Scores must be added to this group once completed so that we can have easy access to them.

5. NO randomly entering scores in if you haven't signed in! This will result in the unfortunate removal of the member and the score added. It makes things very hard and disorganized for us Admins.

6. Have a good time!!! :D

If you agree to these terms then type a "Y" if you agree, or an "N" if you don't agree. If you don't agree, unfortunately you will have to be removed. (These rules apply to those cheering on contestants as well). Doing this helps keep things organized and easier for Jay and me to keep things in check, and ready for a fun and friendly competition. Phew! Thanks everyone!




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Just how do I add a picture onto a comment/discussion post?

It always just shows up as links. Like this picture, I tried the embed code on imgur and nothing happens

This is the embed thing, I added spaces so it wouldn't show up blank 
< blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/3oFNsPr" >< a href="/" >< /a >< /blockquote >< script async src="/" charset="utf-8" >< /script >

MuseScore Web Team Introducing

My name is Dmitriy. I’m a Product Manager of MuseScore.
Today we are launching the new group. In this group, MuseScore Team Members will make posts about changes in our products: what we are doing and how we are working.

It won’t be an official group with “dry” marketing texts. The group will contain personal messages from our team members, no matter what their specialization and English language level are. And no censorship or editing here. And, I think, it's a right time to apologize for possible grammatical and lexical mistakes in this text now  =)

We are going to use this group to inform our users about all the changes in the project (not only big ones). If you are eager to know what’s going on in MuseScore, you might want to subscribe to this group. But please notice: only team members can create posts here. All posts from non-team members will be deleted: please use Improving MuseScore group for your posts.

At the moment, MuseScore team is working on development of the whole branch of MuseScore products. But, unfortunately, sometimes the importance of issues we are currently solving is pretty hard to see.
In this first post I want to share, what happened this year, with you and also to talk about our plans.
We are going to grow MU to the new level. We believe that Open Digital Technologies is the future of “musicians market”. And here we can be leaders!

Our goal is to make our products the most useful and the most functional for musicians. It means that we should develop as fast as possible: Release new features, make UI better etc.
But in order to go faster, we need to solve some issues which block further development.
Year 2018 started with a huge task: updating the technical platform of

In the first quarter we implemented new search engine, all groups’ functionality, partially scores functionality. This was a very hard and important work, the result of which is sometimes not obvious for the users (and it is the best result, as usually users see the result of this kind of work only if something has been broken 🙂 )

But if we do it today, tomorrow we’ll be able to do 3 times more.
But it doesn’t mean that we stopped development of new features.

This year we’ve released some updates related to community: 
- New community index page with simple search of new text content.
- New WYSIWYG editor in community posts and comments: Now you can create nice and readable messages.
- We’ve relaunched the “MuseScorer Of The Month” project.
- We are making some experiments with “Hubs”. We are trying to make scores searching simpler. This can help to raise the “view count” for content creators.
We are going to solve the spam problem in scores, and a lot of plans with the “Browse” page and “Hubs” page improvements.


We are continuing to contribute into the MuseScore notation software. In the beginning of the year version 2.2 was released. There was a lot of important improvements. Now we are developing 2.3 and focusing on development of 3.0.
Our major goal here is to make the 1st  public beta version release for mass testing. We should make 3.0 as stable as possible to achieve this goal.

Mobile development

Here we are also having much work to do. We are moving our apps to the new technology platform which helps us to make the apps more useful and compatible with design requirements for iOS and Android. At the moment, our apps are in public beta testing, and I hope, that in near future new apps will be released in stores.

Then, we are going to improve UI of the apps. Also we are going to work on the integration of mobile functions with (Mobile app should be a real alternative of the mobile version of the site).


We are working hard to make a lot of improvements in every product. Unfortunately, in big projects like our, sometimes shit happens and we break some of the features from time to time. We are testing all the functions before releasing, but nobody except for real users knows the real cases of using products. So real users are the best testers for us! We are fixing the bugs really quick thanks to our users’ quick feedback.

All our team members are ready to solve the issues: every staff member takes time to read and to answer our users’ questions in “Improving MuseScore” group, and to reply to some support requests. 

Finally, I'd like to introduce our team responsible for the products development.

@abruhanov - our leading developer. He is responsible for the development of all new features and partially for platform updates. 

@ijoy14 - Backend developer.

@jilizart - UI-developer. He is responsible for the visual part of development.

@gor42 - Lead UI/UX. She is in charge of all visual changes

@Stanislav Botev - Lead mobile developer. All changes in mobile apps is a result of his job.

@vashue - Lead Analyst. When he sleeps he thinks about the data. When he doesn't sleep he work with data. When he eats, he eats data.

@valerussk - Lead Support Engineer. She answers all your questions from the feedback form and also she can help you in support groups on the website.

And me - I’m CPO of MuseScore and responsible for all MU products development including the website.

I hope that users will be happy with the results of our work. Because all that we are doing - we are doing for you: if you are happy - we are growing.