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App not working

Whenever I try and scroll through the list of songs, it will stop loading and freeze and my screen will flash. Closing the app and reopening does nothing. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling changes nothing. On the off chance I find some sheet music before it starts screen flashing, the playback does not work. This happens on my brand new iPhone 8 as well as my new iPad.

Piano Roll Youtube Export is ready for testing!


Today, we've released a new feature for the beta testing. Now you can export your videos to youtube in the new piano roll format
This feature is available only for scores not longer than 6 minutes.

We’ll be happy to receive feedback from you.

To export your video, click on “Export to youtube” button in the score menu and choose “Piano Roll” as the score type.

At the moment export takes an average of 30-50 minutes (we are working on optimization).

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Some Questions About Copyright

 I have a lot of questions about copyright, especially about musescore. So I decided to ask them all here.
1. How come there are so many scores originally from other people, and they don't seem to give proper credit?
2. I have written a song that is now private, which is an arrangement of another band's song. It is Solitude, by Candlemass. How do I find out what kind of copyright they applied. I know that if it's attribution, or creative commons, then I can post it. But the chances are they have all rights for it. It is from a late 1980's album called Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. Any information the type of copyright they applied is greatly appreciated. And I know that different time eras have different copyright rules. I don't really want to contact them because it is awkward.
3. Can rhythm, scales, chord progressions, intervals, etc, be copyrighted? How about an arpeggio that goes up and down in a certain way? If I transpose it, may I use it?
4. How do music books get to have copyright on their versions of classical songs? It is clearly in public domain by now.
5. What do I do if I feel my rights are infringed?
6. My main question is can I print out scores even though the fonts on the score are copyrighted? I would really love to.
Thank you to all who answer.