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Alagaësia Suite (FFA Competition May 2019)

 Here is my entry for the competition this Month:

This is also the final piece that would be heard as part of my Inheritance Cycle pieces of music, a series I am writing as if for a new series of Eragon films. This particular piece would be heard over the final credits, and incorporates a number of previously established themes, as well as the Ra'zac theme, which is a bit of a sneak-peek into what themes I'm working on next.  

Find it here:

Also check out my MuseScore account to see Palancar Valley, which gets played in this as well   

Do groups only show the first 100 pages of discussions?

For my group, Randomly Screwing Around, it's like that. Every time a new discussion is posted, the oldest discussion on the 100th page is hidden. When a discussion is deleted, one of the hidden discussions becomes visible on the 100th page. So just by scrolling through the discussion section, people actually aren't able to see all the discussions in the group.

I do recognize this may not have been brought up before though, as this group has 3.1K discussions (and no other group on the site has anywhere near that many). But is this a glitch?


App not working

Whenever I try and scroll through the list of songs, it will stop loading and freeze and my screen will flash. Closing the app and reopening does nothing. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling changes nothing. On the off chance I find some sheet music before it starts screen flashing, the playback does not work. This happens on my brand new iPhone 8 as well as my new iPad.

Piano Roll Youtube Export is ready for testing!


Today, we've released a new feature for the beta testing. Now you can export your videos to youtube in the new piano roll format
This feature is available only for scores not longer than 6 minutes.

We’ll be happy to receive feedback from you.

To export your video, click on “Export to youtube” button in the score menu and choose “Piano Roll” as the score type.

At the moment export takes an average of 30-50 minutes (we are working on optimization).

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