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Vertical score alingment: first page vs other pages

My score has one system with 13 staves on every page, with a title at the top of the first page.

The bottom of the first page system falls close to the bottom margin whereas all the other pages are aligned to the top with a much larger space at the bottom. I can find no way to ensure that all pages fill an equal amount of vertical space as one would normally expect in an orchestral edition.

I would expect the title header + the first page system to occupy the same vertical space as the system by itself occupies on all the following pages. Is there a way of ensuring this in the page setup dialogue? or elsewhere?

I can use Musescore 2 or 3 for this project.

My Summer Challange: 10 compositions

As stated in the title, the best way to improve your composing skills is to compose (cliché but very true). Therefore, I will embark on a journey of trying to compose a minimum of 10 compositions over summer break. I want you guys to spread the word and join me! Perhaps, this can not only be a chance to learn, but, also meet new people. 

The rules are as follows: 
You can comment down below featuring your new piece and give a short description of it if you like (e.g. inspiration, the style and question about something you may be unsure about). 
You can post up to 5 scores per comment, but, let's be nice to everyone, by not spamming the comments in order to get views. 

A suggested format would be: 
The number of the piece
piece title - url
short description

composition #1
''So you want to write a fugue?'' -
A satirical piece...

It is okay if a piece turns out bad or short, the point is that you just do it and have fun along the way. 

"Wild Horses" a short rough draft I've been working on

 I whipped this up in about two days for a /r/monthlycomposition challenge where I randomly generated four instruments and three different chord progressions. It was mostly just a way to get myself to sit down and work on something.

So far I like the direction it's headed in and eventually I'd like to expand it into a full concert band piece. Any suggestions or critiques are welcome!

Bit of a weird question but...

Does anyone know a good chord progression which works both forwards and backwards?
So if I played a chord progression, then played the same chords in reverse order, it would still sound good? Preferably, if it could be happy/heroic sounding one way, and sad/scary the other way.
I know this would probably be quite an odd progression, so it doesn't need to fit into a key. Also, the chords don't have to be proper triads.