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Begginer piano sheet reading question

in Piano

Hello, I'm learning piano and reading sheets.

I've seen a few sheets that a tryed to play but some notes are different when I realize, I mean they are sharp (#).

For example, in this piece:

When I look the sheet (bass clef), the first C normal C, not sharp, but when I click on the piano player, it plays C#, and I don't understand, because in the sheet it doens't have the # before the note, so for me its C natural.

Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I couldn't find the answer on internet.


Ask Me Anything: Marc Sabatella, MuseScore Director of Education!

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September 25th, Wednesday, 16:30 GMT

Need help with virtuosic medley

in Piano

Hi everyone. Currently I'm working on virtuosic piano medley of Two Steps From Hell. I need some help with transcribtion some pieces, because there's no piano transcribtions yet.
Is somebody want to help me? I need transcriptions of:
- 1000 Ships Of Underworld
- Tritan
- Undying Love
- Earth Rising
- Conquerors