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"Send to YouTube" function truncates description

The "Send to YouTube" function appears to incorrectly truncate the description sent to YouTube to ~1,990 characters. Of the last three scores sent, the descriptions have been truncated to 1992, 1988 & 1997 characters respectively.

YouTube allows  5,000 characters in the description.

This arbitrary  limit requires me to edit each VideoScore sent to YouTube and replace the truncated description with the original one; an error-prone additional step.

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Score Playback on Mobile

I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but whenever I play a score on MuseScore in the browser (Safari for example), the score will play, but then it will just jump back to the beginning after a while. I even tried downloading the MP3 file on my phone, but it does the same thing. Is it something with my phone or what’s going on here? Thanks!

Play uploaded score on with Apple

I'm testing as an environment for uploading rehearsal files for our choir. 
On a PC scores play okay after you set the audio source to synth so you can listen to your own part (SATB).
When we do this on an Apple Ipad or Imac there is no sound at all.
You can only play with Musescore audio source but then you get all the parts instead of separate parts.

Anyone know a solution for this problem?

Playback unexpectedly jumps to start

 SInce FEB 7, 2019 On IOS devices (IPAD & IPHONE) Playback unexpectedly jumps to start, pause, play and page selector not working. Tested on many devices: same result. Tested on a lot of private sheet music: same result. Tested on random sheet music in the Community: same result. Tested sheet music used for test on IOS played succesfully on Windows 7, 10 & Android devices. EX of sheet music used for test:
. No work around found.Test files used was playing correctly before FEB 7, 2019. Tried to update IOS 12.1.4: same unsuccesful result. 

Unfixed Piano Roll issues

So I posted two separate issues with the piano roll feature (the first one was fixed within a week but the second one has yet to be fixed even though I was told they were aware and would look into it). The Piano Roll seems to breeze through section breaks when you put them into scores. That's all lol (just wanted to post a reminder discussion)

Example here: