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Chords Over Rests

I recently downloaded the latest version. I was enjoying a lot of the new features, but one thing I found to be INCREDIBLY irritating.

Let's say there are 2 eighth rests next to each other and I want to put a chord over each one. The chords do NOT snap into place and the rests do NOT move in order to accommodate the chord. Instead the chords stack on top of one another. The same thing happens if I want to put a chord over a rest and there is a NOTE next to it that I want to put a chord over. 

This does not happen when the chords are placed over notes, but it does happen whenever I put a chord over a rest. It is only a problem when I want to put more than one chord in a measure, but I do this fairly frequently.

Anyone have a fix? Thanks! 

XML-File for PianoMarvel

I try to practice piano with the Piano Marvel program.

The program needs XML files.

What I have done

- I created a file in Musicsore
- I put the fingerings over the notes
- I export the file as * .musicxml and * .mxl

Problem in "Pianomarvel"

- The fingerings are not directly above the notes.
- The fingerings are above the staff line.
   (The stems cover the fingerings)
- The fingerings for the proposal notes are missing.

- I exported the mxl and musicxml after"Final Notepad"
- In Finale Notepad I saved this again as an xml file.

Result in "PianoMarvel":
- The fingerings are correctly above the note OK.
- The fingerings of the proposal notes are missing.

I would be grateful for any help.

Correcting instruments metadata


Is there a way to use a different sound for playback without changing the effective instrument metadata that gets uploaded to For example, this score is for voice and piano:

but because I changed the sound for the Voice instrument to Oboe (in the Mixer), says the piece is for Oboe and Piano. Since I much prefer the sound of other instruments to the synthesized voice sounds, I'd like to keep using this feature. But I also want to list the piece as being for Voice and Piano (and not for Oboe or whatever alternative sound I choose). Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!


I know this isnt the right place to ask this but im too scared to use the support thing :c

I am considering buying pro via the mobile app (aka with google play credit). However, I am a beta tester for the app, so I've been given pro status only for the app. This means that the prompt to buy pro will not appear, which means I probably have to leave the beta to get pro. I want to buy pro while staying a beta tester. Is there a way to do this? Or do I have to wait until there is no longer beta testing? Thanks for all the help ^^

Play uploaded scores with soundfonts from the score itself.

Most, if not all of my scores use an edited soundfont of my own (LCR.sf2). This soundfont is saved to all scores and they all play great in my computer. When I uploaded one of them, it played awfully, from the uploaded score copy. Obviously because of the lack of my sf2 file in the uploaded content. Now, I thought that when uploading a score with an in-saved (embedded?) soundfont, that would be honored by the playing engine of the site. Well, apparently, not so. Am I doing anything wrong here? I realise that adding a full soundfont to a score file might be too much. But then no one will be able to hear the score the way it is supposed to sound! Is there a practical way out of this? Thanks for any comment on this subject.

Musescore app freeze on loading songbook

I have had a problem on my Android tablet with a freeze when switching to the songbook tab. The song count started, got to the end but stayed there without opening the songbook. I was not pleased after adding 190 songs to the songbook to find I had to start over as there was no way to unfreeze the stalled songbook loading. I'm beginning to think that this new Musescore app is a disaster

Rules for making a braille friendly score

This is the place to discuss issues related to creating score in MuseScore to make them easier to export to Braille.

Currently, all scores on Open Score Braille will be in version 2. Once version 3 is at least as Braille friendly as version 2, we will transition to version 3. I'm aware of at least 7 issues that are open at this writing that will improve converting MuseScore 3 scores to Braille.

Website ( - No DropDown Options Next To Signed In Name

Apologies if this has already been logged:  When I first go to, there is no drop-down arrow to the immediate right of my signed-in name, where I can select Dashboard, My profile, My scores, Settings, Help and Log Out.

If I click on Browse or Community, the drop-down arrow then appears. The website remembers my logged in name/status, but loses the drop-down options upon first going to the website.

If I go to, I do not have this problem. It is only on the .com home page. What for do you use it? Help us become better

Hi, everyone!

Me again with a brand new question for you! Can you tell me some things about:
- how dо you identify yourself, like “I am a student” or “I am a composer”.
- what for do you use, for example, “Just looking for a song from a new movie to learn it for myself” or “well, I am trying to show my composes to the world” or maybe even “It is funny to listen to some scores with musescore' sound font”

Let’s build better musescore! =)

Please don't post "Please look at my new piece!" here. Just post your piece here, and we'll all see it!

Yes, this group is here precisely so that others can look at your new piece. Posting your piece here accomplishes exactly that; no "advertisement" among the discussions is necessary, and as more and more "ads for posted pieces" are posted, the value in the discussion page becomes harder and harder to find.  I suspect no one on the verge of doing so will read this, but I can try. 

How do group admins invite / allow specific scores from other users into a group?

I'm having trouble understanding how a group admin can invite / allow another user to add a score to a group where the group permissions are configured so that only group moderators and administrators can add scores.

When you create a new group, if you leave the "Allow group members to add scores" setting unchecked, you are told that "If unchecked only group moderators and administrators can add scores"

Based on this instruction, I would expect to see something in the UI that would be similar to the user invite feature, but instead of inviting users to join the group, it would invite a user to add a specific score to the group. Or, something that would allow an admin to add a score directly (though it seems like permission from the score uploader should be required).

I've looked around while viewing a specific score, and cannot figure out how to do this.