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It would be nice if we could see "at a glance" if compositions are originals, arrangements, or transcriptions

Just a thought. Because I'm mainly interested in listening to other people's original works....whereas there are others who are mainly interested in checking out arrangements of various pieces. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which unless the composer explicitly states "original" or whatever in the title/description. Maybe it's just me, IDK

Is it the goal of to provide ads for commercial Scores ?

Hello to the guys in this community and Hello to the developers of
I'd like to ask, whether scores like this ( ) (I think two months ago there was still the full version online) are permitted on musescore and furthermore, if this should be allowed in the future. The score provides a sample for a score which you can buy on a commercial platform afterwards. So in fact, people are using the musescore site popularity to gain visits to commercial scores/stores..

Best regards


continuous play songbook

In playing a song on Songbook the next page of the score is not visible until suddenly you're on it.  This makes it difficult to practice when a tricky phrase crosses a page.  Is there any way to have the score display in a continuous vertical mode? (I think I'm using Android Songbook 1.14 Pro, but I can see no way to display that!?)

Mixer property solo and export to mp3 not working


I upgraded to 

OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.3.1, revision: github-musescore-musescore-0899e9d

and found that marking a voice as "solo" in mixer does not affect export to mp3. When muting other voices the export works as expected.

As a choir conductor, I'm using MuseScore to produce rehersal mp3 files for the singers. Since version "ancient", I've been using the 'solo' property in mixer to separate e.g. tenord from sopranos, altos and basses. To my surprise, this was not working anymore in the new version. I.e. to extract the tenor voice, I had to put mute on soprano, alto and bass. 

In playback, the 'solo' property is working correctly.

Is this a bug or an intended feature?

Website is duplicated and broken, 2 of everything and all scores disabled.

In the past 10- 30 min the Musescore website have 2 of everything, as I am writing this Discussion there is a text box below this to type in, and on the main page, there is 2. And any score I go on there is the exact same score on the same page, scrolled past where the page and score should end. Have no idea what the cause is.

Also scores will play, but I can't view the actual score itself, scroll through, view it or anything.

Edit : : Just found out I can't reply to anything either, so editing this in this discussion first post while I can.

Bringing up a plagiarizer.

I don't know if anyone had posted a discussion about this before, but I am posting it anyway. This piece is a plagiarized arrangement made by Cl4rin3t. I just wanted to bring it up in case nobody did before, because I can not find a discussion about it. (Basically i'm coming here to post this discussion because there is no report feature on the score.)

Announcement: new score upload

Tomorrow (16th of July 2018) we'll roll out new score upload (and new score storage under the bonnet).

To make it more clear, I decided to compose announcement in the FAQ format.

What does it mean?
Tomorrow site (and web API) will be migrate to new score engine (and new score upload). From user point of view - nothing will change. From developer point of view - everything will be changed :-) You can read more about new site engine here: 
This will be the penultimate step to a complete move to the new site engine. This phase was due in June 2018, but we were delayed for internal reasons.

Why do need new score upload?
We want to solve old problems:
* uploading audio files from MuseScore editor - Earlier we got a lot of reports about broken audio upload. So we completely rewrite this part of service, it should be work better.
* sudden random unknown 500 errors on score upload
* access to private scores for group members in mobile apps

+ new score storage more faster than previous, so pages will be loading more fast. Also it reduce load to our servers.

This week (9-15 July) there were problems with score upload, was it related to the new engine?
No, it was problems in old engine. We didn't roll out new engine to production yet.

How does this affect the operation of the site?
We will do everything possible so that this doesn't affect operation of the site. The migration itself takes about 11 seconds (we measured) - during this time some scores will not be available. We will migrate in the quietest time - when the least number of users on the site.

Which part of service it can affect?
It's affects:
* score upload (new scores and update existing scores) via web and MuseScore Editor
* pdf2score feature
* youtube2score feature
* score2youtube feature
* mobile apps - Songbook for Android and iOS

I found something is broken, what can I do?
Please report here about bug or directly to me - we'll try to fix it ASAP.

Do you tested it?
Yes, all last week our team deeply tested everything (on dev and staging environment): score upload (via web and MuseScore), mobile apps, pdf2score and other features. But it was refactoring biggest part of service and something can go wrong. There are many integrations between different systems and the most difficult thing in refactoring is the successful first ingression on production. I hope everything will be ok :-) 

Do you have plan B?
Yes, we fix everything very fast. Or (if something going totally wrong) - we rollback to old score storage - old and new system will be work at same time.

Ok, I'm ready, when it happens?
I'll keep posted any updates here.

Group spamming

There is a user in a group I read who reposts the same 2 or 3 scores every day, apparently deleting them from the group then reposting to make sure that they get "Just posted" status and stay "in the face of the world" every day.  This should not be possible.   The site should at least remember the ID and date-posted of scores deleted for, say, a week or two; you should be able to re-post at any time, but not get "just posted" status within that time interval since the last posting.

How to reassign notes to voices

I scanned in a pdf to the Musescore website and Audiveris created a remarkably accurate with the exception of the first measure of each system and several random other locations.  When I tried to make corrections I found that changing a note often created very weird additional rests and moved other notes at random.  The problem was that notes had been assigned different voices in patterns that didn't make sense musically,  I tried changing individual notes to different voice, and tried changing everything to one voice.   I tried following the help directions and several other suggestions but nothing would allow me to change notes to different or a single voice.   (my version was 2.0.3).
Any help would be appreciated.  If this is not possible, I'll move this to the Improvements Forum.