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Wait What?!

I can't believe it! I'm about to hit 50 followers (only need 7 more)! I know that it isn't mush, but it is something right? Tell if you would like to see an original composition, or an arrangement of a song you like. I'm going to take probably 3-5 ideas so choose wisely as I'm putting this discussion in all the groups I'm in.

For those of you who wanted to do the Competition (ANNOUNCEMENT)

Sorry all, not enough people entered, and it's the day before February, so I regret that I will now end this because not enough entries wee given. :(

But... I am thinking I will do another competition for the summer. and it will be nature themed, so stay tuned for that!! :D

(and that competition will be for any type of ensemble. I might do a prize, but we will see :D)

Does anyone want to do a Christmas competition? :D

If any of you do, here is what you will be doing!

Write an 'Arrangement' or an 'Original' Christmas song using one of these instrumentations!
- French Horn
- 1 of any untuned percussion
- 1 of any tuned percussion OR Piano
- Violins 1&2
- Violas
- Cellos
- Contrabasses

- Flute
- Oboe
- 1 of any tuned percussion OR Piano
- Violins 1&2
- Violas
- Cellos
- Contrabasses

- Any type of 1 Saxophone
- 1 of any untuned percussion
- 1 of any tuned percussion OR Piano
- Violins 1&2
- Violas
- Cellos
- Contrabasses

***NOTE: you do not need to use ALL the instruments given. Like you could do just Horn and Strings for example. but you cannot mix different Instrumentation Groups***

No time limits, the only limits are your imagination and the instrumentation (and that it has to be Christmas music)! :D

This comp. will not happen if we get less than 5 people, so comment below if you want to, and then post your score's link down below once you have finished it.
*DOES NOT HAVE TO BE POSTED TO MUSESCORE* you can upload to Drive and put that link here too :D
For those who upload to musescore, make sure to put *CMC* in the Title, Thanks!

The winner will receive an UltraHQ Audio!! :DDD
*Conditions for Audio: Must be an original work or a public domain work for Audio. If not, Audio will go to the runner up*

I will decide the deadline once enough people have commented! :D

Really need advice!

Okay, so there's an open evening for an exhibition coming up and I said that I would play piano during the event as sort of background music. I thought I had plenty of music, but after looking through my many folders I realised I didn't have as much as I thought I did. I want to find some easy ish pieces in a classical/elegant style, possibly similar to the music of einaudi and composers alike. If you have found any really good piano solos on musescore then please post the links below! They can be original compositions also if they are in that sort of style. If you can imagine someone playing it in the background them it will be great! Thank you! And I really really hope there are some! They don't have to be yours, just if you find some then please tell me.

Odd Time Signature Advice

I don't know about you, but I used to have trouble with odd time signatures. Here's how I remedied that.

Adam Neely's bass lessons on youtube are amazing sources of knowledge about time signatures and theory in general, and that's where I learned how to experiment with odd signatures. However, just knowledge isn't exactly enough. You have to listen to some and feel the strange signature. A great band to listen to is TOOL (the one with Maynard James Keenan, etc. etc.), as MUCH of their music is in obscure time signatures. Once you get used to those songs, listen to math rock (a good band is Totorro, spelled exactly like the adorable fluff ball of the character from the movie/anime). Try playing a song on your instrument in odd time signatures, and build a new mental metronome to count that timing.

When you're writing in odd time signatures, avoid what Adam Neely calls the "clave" of the time signature. For instance, in 5/4, the "clave" is two dotted quarter notes, then two quarter notes. This is a common 5/4 rhythm, but it's a bit bland when used over and over again (it's used in the mission impossible theme song). There are thousands of rhythmic combination with even just eight notes, so you can pretty much subdivide it however you want to.

That's all the advice I have, if anyone else has some, the you can put it down in the comments, I guess.


You may participate also by submitting video performances of these pieces for the video score work that will need to be done.

If you have a fairly decent sound system and wish to submit a performance it would be greatly appreciated, and will be a great way to get some exposure, as these will eventually be posted to YouTube and other sites.

If you have a performance that you would like to submit, simply make a YouTube video, and it will eventually be tied to the score and sent to YouTube in a format that features this particular project.

Notify us of your performance by posting the URL below.


No. 1 in F minor, Opus 2, No. 1 (1795)
No. 2 in A major, Opus 2, No. 2 (1795)
No. 3 in C major, Opus 2, No. 3 (1795)
No. 4 in E flat major, Opus 7 "Grand Sonata" (1797)
No. 5 in C minor, Opus 10, No. 1 (1798)
No. 6 in F major, Opus 10, No. 2 (1798)
No. 7 in D major, Opus 10, No. 3 (1798)
No. 8 in C minor, Opus 14 "Pathetique" (1798)
No. 9 in E major, Opus 14, No. 1 (1799)
No. 10 in G major, Opus 14, No. 2 (1799)
No. 11 in B flat major, Opus 22 (1800)
No. 12 in A flat major, Opus 26 "Funeral March" (1801)
No. 13 in E flat major, Opus 27, No. 1 "Sonata quasi una Fantasia" (1801)
No. 14 in C sharp minor, Opus 27, No. 2 "Sonata quasi una Fantasia" "Moonlight" (1801)
No. 15 in D major, Opus 28 "Pastorale" (1801)
No. 16 in G major, Opus 31, No. 1 (1802)
No. 17 in D minor, Opus 31, No. 2 "Tempest" (1802)
No. 18 in E flat major, Opus 31, No. 3 "The Hunt" (1802)
No. 19 in G minor, Opus 49, No. 1 (1805)
Nol. 20 in G major, Opus 49, No. 2 (1805)
No. 21 in C major, Opus 53 "Waldstein" (1803)
WoO (Without Opus) 57 Andante Favore (original middle movement of the Waldstein) (1804)
No. 22 in F major, Opus 54 (1804)
No. 23 in F minor, Opus 57 "Appassionata" (1805)
No. 24 in F sharp minor, Opus 78 "A Therese" (1809)
No. 25 in G major, Opus 79 (1809)
No. 26 in E flat major, Opus 81a "Les Adieux/Das Lebewohl" (1810)
No. 27 in E minor, Opus 90 (1814)
No. 28 in A major, Opus 101 (1816)
No. 29 in B flat major, Opus 106 "Hammerklavier" (1819)
No. 30 in E major, Opus 109 (1820)
No. 31 in A flat major, Opus 110 (1821)
No. 32 in C minor, Opus 111 (1822)

There are 3 other sonatas attributed to Beethoven marked as WoO. They may be spurious, If genuine they are all works composed prior to the first Opus 2 sonatas. they are as follows:

No. 33 in E flat major, WoO 47, No. 1 "Kurfurstensonaten"
No. 34 in F major, WoO 47, No. 2 "Kurfurstensonaten"
No. 35 in D major, WoO 47, No. 3 "Kurfurstensonaten"

Update (11-16-11): I forgot to mention three more sonatas by Beethoven that may also be spurious:

No. 36 in C major, WoO 51 supposedly written in 1798 after the 4th sonata.
No. 37 in G major, Anh 5, No. 1, also supposedly written in 1798
No. 38 in F major, Anh 5, No. 2

The latter two are Sonatinas. I just happen to have recordings of all of these.