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Thanks for the invite!

So I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at age 12. We played this game at a church youth group where you wrote something no one knew about yourself and it was placed in a bin and drawn at random. Well guess what I chose? Unfortunately I didn't know how to spell it right..... soooooo I spelled it the way it sounds. YES. I did. 

Come time the teacher drew the card, and of course, she knew it was me....
Then she told everyone.
They cracked up laughing
I felt like I wanted to die...
Luckily though she didn't say it was me xd


Hey guys, so I got an invite to join this group, so that's cool. I'm Lizante, if you didn't know that already, a random Nintendo otaku who also loves anime. I play viola and will not tolerate any viola jokes unless they're genuinely funny. That's all you need to know, hope we can be friends! ^^