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Elam Rotem: Early Music Sources - ample new, great instructional material

The composer, theorist, and teacher Elam Rotem (1984–) has (already) assembled a tremendous (ongoing) wealth of early music-oriented YouTubes (with supplementary materials) at , including a great deal of instruction in technical issues such as counterpoint of immediate interest to anyone here, especially beginners.  He teaches with historical context, panache, and humor.

I avidly recommend the following 20-minute primer on four-voiced, first-species accompaniment of a melody, presenting with examples, explanation, and commentary the tutorial on the same by 16th century Spanish composer Thomas de Sancta Maria, a perfect primer on consonance from the ground up. Check it out, along with the rest of his growing video library.  No, it's not exactly the same as Bach's or Mozart's models, but I have little doubt that both would affirm this all as unimpeachably correct nonetheless.

Thank you @Plagal for making me aware of this.

Congratulations MuseScore Team

By this means I just want to give my thanks to the entire team of MuseScore that works intensely and has an understanding and tolerance as the immensity of the ocean and its deep waters to meet so many problems and requests from so many users equally Demanding. Continuation of good work and congratulations on your site that is a success.

Solo Piano Collection

in Piano

Hi all,

    I started composing six years ago with Smule's 'Magic Piano' mobile app. Ever since I started using Musescore, I have only released a handfull of solo piano pieces and now that is going to start to change beginning with 'A Sudden Storm'. Through the rest of the summer I plan on releasing six to ten pieces like this one. They're supposed to be short and simple for people who want to learn how to play piano. I won't let this effect my working on large orchestral scores. Hope you enjoy!

'A Sudden Storm'

Lucas Nalley