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Lack of order of comments in a group.

I'm sorry to post again, but yesterday, in my group, I announced a winner of a competition and there was a storm of comments all at once. I know who had replied to who, but when I read through the comments this morning they were all in the wrong order as they all came in at the same time. It would be good if when, you click reply, it goes straight under the comment, maybe with an indent so it's really clear. Especially as if you reply to an earlier comment in the discussion and it just sends it right to the bottom and doesn't always have the @name of the replyee. It just gets very confusing, and if it could be more like the layout of comments on a score, then that would be great. Thank you

Add swing 8ths in certain part of score

So it would be great if you could just select a certain part of a score to be swing. I am currently making a medley where one of the pieces is swung but the others aren't, and there is no way to solely make it swung without using a 4th and 8th in a triplet on every one. It would be great if, at some point, you can make a feature that allows you to select certain bars to be swing. If it is already possible to do this then please tell me how. Thanks

MuseScorian Highlighting On Profile

Hey there!
I thought about addind a function to be able to highlight/spotlight some MuseScorians on your profile. Like so, you could help some people to get famous or else.
I see several musicians who are not famous even though they deserve much more recognition. This feature could be situated below the followers/following list as the avatar surrounded by yellow or any other color (or nothing as well).

Let me know what you think about that idea and feel free to say what could be unconvenient (I can't think about everything).

Ordering Your Spotlights And/Or Favourites

Every time I want to swap out one of my Spotlight pieces, if I want to put the new piece in the right, I need to remove all my other pieces from Spotlights and re-add them after Spotlighting the new piece. I've found this gets tedious fast, so I'm wondering how many others would like the idea of being able to re-order your Spotlight pieces however you want.

I believe that, if this can be implemented for Spotlights, this can also be implemented similarly for Favourites.

'Discover' Page

I think if there was a part of your dashboard that showed maybe 5-10 scores a day, that are people you are not following who have posted scores recently (maybe that people you follow follow or favourite that score) as an insight into other less well known but accounts that should be recognised.

Sorry for posting this here - alternate music writing apps.

My highschool is giving us chromebooks this year, and as my computer is out of commission, I'm curious if anyone knows a music writing application other than MuseScore that may work on Chrome OS (the platform that Chromebooks run. MuseScore does not run on Chrome OS, but I need the ability to write on a computer - no matter the application - for our school's Saxophone ensembles, because we arrange all of our music ourselves.