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drum sounds in piano keyboard

I am curious as to why the drum sounds in the piano keyboard exceed the drum pallette once you move to note entry. They are not available for note entry. "Note entry" enter overrules the piano keyboard. I have in mind the conga/bongo sounds from c', c#.' The drum pallette limits you to high and low bongo. I tried "editing drumset" and now suspect the fonts are different.
Thanks for any info.

Gift Pro!!!

I know that I'm late to this topic, and that it doesn't really fit in with the idea of "improving" MuseScore, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the new Gift Pro ability on the site. I think it is one of the best additions to this site since I joined, so thankyou :D
I've often promised a free pro account to winners of my previous competitions, but it was always a hassle to actually give it to them. Now, with this super awesome gift feature, it's as easy as buying myself pro.
I'm super happy with this idea, so well done on creating it - and thanks!!


It's finally getting to me, that very frustrating and annoying "back" to the top of the first page of activity. After having traversed 4, 5 6 or more pages to find something I'm interested in, complete the task (listening, leaving a comment...) then to have to go back to the top of the page, instead of back to where I left off.

Luckily my best days are behind me and I haven't got the same head of hair I did when I was younger - I'd look a sight. At the same time, I haven't got as many years ahead of me and I don't have the time to waste going back-and-forth-back-and-forth ignoring the same pages I've ploughed through ten times-over to get to something new!

Surely, something can be done to care for a man in his dotage!?

A couple of issues

First, when you're playing a score with loads of instruments, you can't scroll down to see them, because everytime a new bar plays it goes right back to the top.

second, When a bunch of people are talking in a comment chain, you can't tell whose talked to what because all replies are on the same column. Maybe a settup like reddit or have @-user- appear automatically when you reply to someone? otherwise it's just downright confusing.

Font not correctly uploaded onto

I used Curlz MT Font. it is a 'curlicue font' which displays fine on MuseScore 2.1.

When I updated my score... the font defaulted to something else and the alignment is off.

Ok it makes sense that the web browser is not going to be able to pick up all fonts... however, I got fooled...

Why did it 'pick up' this crazy font and not any of the others? Do you have a list of acceptable fonts to upload text

Musescore Live

I bet many of use have done projects that involve the use of Doc's live input. I was wondering that maybe in Musescores' future can we have that sort of capability or even something akin to it. Say that you create an editing room between computer through Musescore servers. In that room, there is a Musescore running with a chat system on the side. Each person inputs from their own computer and those inputs show up in the room's Musescore. The chat can be to communicate. I think this would be really cool especially since, i believe, that many of us love to collaborate on projects.
-Thanks for reading, Daekron

BUY SHEET MUSIC on MUSESCORE! (BUY button under Download/Share)

I think this may be the next big step Musescore can take to not only increase its revenue and develop the program further(Musescore 3.0?), but also to help out the artists who believe in Musescore and put their whole life and soul into creating beautiful sheet music - many of which I would imagine probably never even gets performed in a live setting. I am in my own little corner of the world trying my best to make a living from my music, I just signed up to upload my sheet music to sheet music plus and they take 45%, my only other choice is to sell it on my website but I have to pay for that and I may just create paypal buy buttons, etc, next to pictures of my scores in pdf. I don't know, humbly doing my best with what I got. Why do I want to do it on Musescore? One, because I love Musescore, and two I wouldn't want to sell it on any other platform. I may be a beginner, but I do my very best with Musescore and the knowledge that I am gaining daily with the handbook and Manual by Marc S, and I go out of my way to make sure everything is perfect from margins, to staves per system, to font size, etc, because I want to show the world Musescore is Pro and the very best. I believe in Musescore! I feel like I found a home with Musescore. Take a cut from my downloads, I don't mind. Actually, I want you to make money from my music, too. Please entertain the idea of allowing artists to sell our sheet music on Musescore. I think this could be a HUGE money maker for everyone involved and show the world that sheet music is worth something and allow fans to support their favorite artists. I love you Musescore and the team behind it all.

Daniel Nahoa Ani.

Ability to rearrange scores on artist profile page!(Pro feature idea)

It would be awesome if we could rearrange our scores on our artist page, it could be a pro feature and it will organize the make-up of the artist page and not make it seem so cluttered and disorganized have different movements all over the place, etc. I think it would be a great idea and bring more order and control to the Musescore artist. Bandcamp and Soundcloud have similar abilities in this regard.

Best Notation Software | Le meilleur logiciel de notation

Hey, Commmunity Members of Improving MuseScore,

I want to know how do you like MuseScore. Probabbly you know also other notation apps/software (e.g. Capella, Avid Sibelius, Steinberg Dorico etc.). So in which point MuseScore is better or more worse???

Also I want to know what can MuseScore learn from the others...? A lot or not many?

I think, it would be great, if the admins of all groups get this message to give feedback to our special Group or directly to the development team of MuseScore!

Bonjour, Commmunity Membres de l'amélioration MuseScore,

Je veux savoir comment vous aimez MuseScore. Probabbly vous savez si d'autres applications de notation / logiciel (E. G. Capella, Avid Sibelius, Steinberg DORICO etc.). Ainsi, Quel est le point MuseScore est meilleur ou plus mauvais ???

Donc, je veux savoir ce qui peut MuseScore apprendre des autres ...? Beaucoup ou pas beaucoup?

Je pense, ce serait formidable, si les admins de tous les groupes reçoivent ce message pour donner des commentaires à notre groupe spécial ou directement à l'équipe de développement de MuseScore!