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Instrument list and search capabilities

Dear staff,
I have few topics to raise regarding the musescore web site :

1.When I use a custom soundfont, the instrument list on the website is completely wrong.

2. Is there a way to keep the correct list and the custom soundfont at the same time? Even a manual insertion (i.e. like inserting tags) could be fine.
Would it be possible to select a MIN number of instruments and not (only) the exact number?

3. Modified scores should be also brought back in the browse page as they could contain huge changes. Is there a way to achieve that?


Musescore 3 slow


I installed Musescore 3, and find that it slows down enormously when working with scores/ composing. Note input is slow, marking measures is slow, between my input and the result is a short time lapse. I did not have that in Musescore 2. I have reinstalled Musescore 2, but now I cannot open my Musescore 3 files. Is there a solution for this? 

iOS (Version 10.3.3) App Problems: Option Copy to Songbook is missing

Hi there :)
I use the mobile app on an Iphone 5. 
Since one of the latest updates, I´m not able to export files from Dropbox to the MuseScore App.
I go to "Export" -> "Open in" -> then there´s the button "Copy to MuseScore" (which doesn´t export the mscz.-file).
The button "Copy to Songbook", I could use before and as shown on the help-site, is now missing.
Any ideas to fix this?

Update Glitch

There seems to be a minor glitch in updating.  I noticed it in updating to  It may cause some consternation to less experienced users.  Once the update window is opened the user is not allowed to close the program without closing the update window.  If one proceeds, an error message arrives that the update cannot be installed while the program is open.  Once that error message appears the user may close the program and proceed with the update.