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Some stuff I like (stuff you like too, if you comment on this)

in moozick

1. Keyboard Cat
2. CoryxKenshin (he's my man)
3. Musescore
4. Checking out other people's creations(anywhere, but mostly on Musescore)
5. the outdoors
6. biking(kinda outdoors)
7. muscle cars
9. Friends & Family(everyone, actually)
10. When people join moozick.
11. Learning about the past(My dad has a bunch of stuff from the `70s).
12. `80s Rock & Roll(Bon Jovi is really good).

I will add more throughout the days, maybe.

Ok les make a story

Here are the characters in the story
Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chole, Kagami, Lukka,Tikki, Plagg, Master Fu, Cat noir, Ladybug, Queen bee , Rena rouge Carapace, Hawkmoth, Gabriel, Nathilie, Myura, basically everyone.
Its gonna be a 2 hour long ep (thats not in the show)
And pick the characters u wanna be
Im gonna be Marinette, Myura and Chole also Plagg
My secondary characters are, Juleka, Alex and trix.