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My Graduation Present.

Today, we got ourselves something every composer needs: A proper piano keyboard!

Me and my dad went to Guitar Center and snagged a sweet deal. We were set on buying the Yamaha P-125 but there's been problems with it being out of stock. Turns out that was a very lucky circumstance. The sales guy over there was awesome and suggested to us an even better one that was on sale for a slightly cheaper price of $699. He took the effort to give us a long-winded demo of the piano, showing off all its features. After which we were both like, "Okay, okay. We're sold!" He even went through the trouble of finding out if the box would fit in our 4-door car sedan. Dad paid $600 and I chipped in for the rest.

Overall, awesome service and we went from not even being sure if we'd go home with a piano, to having an awesome one. No digital piano compares to a real piano, but it's relatively cheap and comes with several cool features and hundreds of different sounds, useful for a composer who writes for a variety of instruments and different genres.

The Vent Discussion

Well, I’m taking 18 credit hours this semester and I barely have time to finish homework by the deadlines because I’m a music major and have to practice A LOT. I have two ten page papers to write and a rough draft is due on Thursday. I’m only two pages in, and I have to analyze 111 measures of a piece, finish scoring a film cue, write a cue sheet, and write a score version of my film cue by next Tuesday. Plus, I have about 6 concerts to perform in the next two months.

Do you have anything to vent, too? xD

Favorite Flash Game?

Since flash is shutting down next year, why don't we say our favorite Flash games as a sort of memorial? 

For those that don't know, a Flash game is basically any free online game you can play in a browser. Most can be found on portals such as Newgrounds, Miniclip, CoolMathGames, or Google Sites. .io games are NOT Flash games.

My favorites are Strike Force Heroes and literally any Paparia game (Papa's Cheesaria, Papa's Scooperia, ect.)

I need some help

So I have a friend who gets incredibly bossy whenever they try to take care of a problem, and it irritates anyone else who is also trying to fix the problem. We have tried to tell her but she doesn't listen, instead she gets incredibly passive aggressive and gets mad at us for things we aren't even doing. Then she gets in this mood where anything you say to her is met with a snarky comeback or degrading comment. WHAT DO I DO?