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I need some new song ideas

A friend and I are seniors in high school and we have a band. I play alto saxophone and he plays drum set. We have played at basketball games, in school concerts, and background music at various school events. Our next (and possibly last) performance is going to be at our graduation, so obviously we want it to be our best performance yet. Our problem is we cannot seem to find a good song/songs to play. We are looking for something fast, upbeat, and fun. Somewhere between 3 to 15 minutes would be perfect. Some of the songs we have played before include: Shipping Up To Boston, Megalovania, Blue (Da Ba Dee), 300 Violin Orchestra, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Eye Of The Tiger, ect. Hopefully that gives you a good idea of the type of music we enjoy playing.

Any song suggestions would be very helpful. Also, if you have any other places I could post this question please let me know. Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone gives.

Anyone want to play hangman?

How to Play: Guess letters one at a time to find out what the word(s) I space out are.
If you think you know what the answer is, write the whole answer instead of guessing one letter. If you are right, you win and will get a follow!
1 - If you guess a letter, you cannot guess another until someone else guesses.
2 - You may guess the puzzle at any time.
3 - each puzzle has a limit of how many wrong guesses you can take, and if you pass that limit, nobody wins.
Here is the progress: _    HA_E    THE    A_S_E_!
Right: A, S, E, T, H
Wrong: None
Wrong guesses left: 5