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Requesting a new feature on musescore

When people click on a score, listen to it, and like the score, they sometimes want to actually PLAY the score. But, if some notes are not quite right, and there is no other versions of it (like an Original score), then there's a problem. So, what I'm saying is that Musescore should add a feature that you can customize the notes, but only that person who customized it can see the edits. Along with that, the edits will be saved. But, a question can be: what if I wanted to see the unedited score? Well, there should be a button where you can see the unedited score located where the print, download, and favorite buttons are located. I don't know what to  name it though. Sorry if this is too confusing.

Thank you


Hello, This is a request for creators out here. I was wondering if someone could arrange the song: Ascension by Bruce Faulconer. I have no time to do it because I have to much going on with school. Thanks!

Collaborative Symphony

Does anyone want to write a collaborative symphony where we write separate movements but fit within an idea and a theme? FILLED, BUT NEEDS SUGGESTIONS
Here is how we are going to do it, we will come up with a theme or an opening melody, which will we will have our movements based on. Once completed we will compose our movements, and when we're done, I will put them together and all people who participated will uploaded it with credits given.

Adaptations for visually impaired users

Background to this request: I spend a lot (really a lot) of time entering notation to musescore in order to create modified notation that is accessible to my pupil who has a visual impairment and this has been very successful (thanks muse score!) but is very time-consuming. I have saved the settings for the sizings and spacings of the stave and text but would like to be able to:

1. Set up as default a customised system of coloured note heads so that every time I enter a C it comes up as red, D as brown etc. (Currently I have to select all the Cs and change colour via the inspector tool for ever note of music I enter in every piece).

2. A sophisticated scanning option for sheet music (I have tried the scanning PDF option with varied success) so that any standard notation can be converted to an editable form to which I can then apply custom settings that make the notation accessible for my pupil.