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I'm leaving soon. No set date yet.

Didn't really know when or how to say this, but I'll be going inactive on MuseScore in a few weeks. I have a busy schedule, and MuseScore is a lot to stay caught up with for me. I will not delete my profile because I want other users to listen to my scores. In a few weeks, I will be creating a website (in which the name will be revealed soon) while using another software to make more "scores" that I will post unlimitedly on my website. Once I add the link to my website on my profile, AS WELL AS MY FOLLOWER SHOUT OUT in my follower group as well as RSA (if Rebecca Y allows me to), I won't be on here anymore. I wanna thank all of those who have supported me on here and befriended me. (That's part of why I also wanted to make this group. So I can get to know all of you before I leave and so that I have a couple of things to say for my shout out for you guys). Thanks guys. :D

Mentorships and Meatball flips🍝

I was really going to post this in the
(self-introduction!!! Discussion). But, as it was already three months old and I had some other stuff to write about, I thought to post it here. Before, I go and ramble about me. I should say that I was recommended to be a member/helper here by a friend (Non but the tasty tarts) from this group. 

Though, I personally would say I have much to learn myself, I hope I can be of help. If you need a mentor for your composition or just someone to go talk to for advice on anything (beer is optional, though I prefer tea) don't hesitate to comment or message me. Or if you just want to talk with me about other stuff, like science or geeky stuff, or how amazing a book is, or even send me quality memes... Those are all fine too. 

Now then, who am I? (I still don't know...) I'm sure some of you already know me. But, for those of you who don't or just like to stalk people:  
I am a high school student living in Sweden and I love nerdy stuff, one of those being classical music. I started playing the piano at the age of seven, I quit after a year and never touched it again until 2015. I sincerely disliked my piano teacher (for all the reasons) and in turn also the piano. Fast forward to 2015, when I discovered a pianist playing Chopin's Etude 25 no.11 after browsing the internet. I was inspired. I started to practice the piano seriously. I got a great teacher and I sat down for hours each day. Now, I can even play some of Chopin's etudes myself!

As for compositions, I decided to do it as a means of understanding music theory better, then, I got addicted. I have a small following on my channel/profile where I compose anything from Romantic, Impressionistic, Experimental to New Age and occasionally covers mostly for the piano. 

This turned out a bit long, so thank you for reading and thanks to Ethan @EthanHarris for making this group as well. I really love the idea of what this group stands for and I hope we will all get along with each other. :) 

Toodles for now!