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A Little about myself

So hi, I'm new to the group, but I already like it a lot. 

    So a little about myself. I play the piano, and the violin. I play the piano more though. I am play by ear on the piano. My dad also plays by ear, and when he taught me a couple of chords. I started to write my own music. Right now i have 3 songs that i have composed, but not written on paper, and one that I am working on. So I love music, and I am very exited to join this group

Welcome! Why don’t you introduce yourself? :D

Hey guys, welcome to Wolf Pack! Why don’t you take a moment to introduce yourselves?
Also, a thanks to AcousticRenegade for making this group! She’s our leader technically, so listen to her. ;P

Guess I’ll introduce myself.

I’m Jay, I’m a transcriber, arranger, singer, composer, and pianist. I’ve had piano lessons for 2 and a half years, and I’ve been self taught sense. I’m currently learning guitar too. I love making people smile, and I love to talk to people. :)