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Bananas or Plantains

The Question. Which one do you like better, or do you like both? Also if you cook them or eat them in a special way we'd all love to know!

So, for me, I always thought bananas were the best.. Until my aunt introduced me to a food she used to eat in her home country. Fried plantain! OMG, It was sooo good. Especially with small steak slices!! I now like both Bananas and Plantains equally :D

How I assess groups

Roughly two seconds ago, I posted the first group list. You may have wondered about the tag after the groups' names... Right now I just look for two things: activity level, and type of posts you can expect to find.

Activity Level
At this point, I'm pretty lenient. If a group has at least two different people post within the last few weeks, it's active. Somewhat active refers to groups that have new posts in the last month or so. Low activity denotes groups that haven't had new posts in a loooong time. And groups that have several new posts daily are ranked as highly active

Type of Posts
 Discussion posts refer to posts such as "how's your day going" "what type of music do you like to write" and general get-to-know-you topics. I appreciate groups with a fair amount of discussion posts, since it shows that the members of the group care about getting to know each other. Feedback posts refer to posts like "hey guys, check out my music" "I finished a sonata, critiques please" etc, etc. If a group is feedback-heavy, you can probably join it and share all your music without worrying that someone will say you're spamming the group. And naturally, mixed-type means that the group has a fair amount of both discussion and feedback posts.

Thoughts? Suggestions? What lists should I work on next??? 

Composers/Original Compositions

Okay, kids, here goes nothing. A handful of groups for composers. For more information, see my post "How I assess groups":  

  Musescore Composers (highly active, mixed-type posts) 

  Composers: The Next Generation (active, feedback posts)
  Amateur Composers (somewhat active, feedback posts)
  Composing Scores (somewhat active, feedback posts)
  High School Composers (active, mixed-type posts)
  Teenage Composers (somewhat active, discussion-heavy posts)
  The Group for Young Composers (somewhat active, feedback posts)
  Decent self taught,teen composers (somewhat active, feedback posts)
  Christian Composers (Somewhat active, mixed-type posts)

 Relatively inexperienced Composers (Somewhat active, mixed-type posts)

  Original Compositions (Active, mixed-type posts)

  Original Music of any Kind (Active, mixed-type posts)

 Self-taught Composers (Active, feedback posts)

 De-Composers (We Take Stupid Seriously) (Low activity, mostly discussion posts)

  Composer Prodigies (Low activity, mostly discussion)

 Artists whose passion to compose outweighs their ability (Low activity, mostly discussion)

 Piano Compositions (Active, mostly feedback)

Create or save edited instrument - string tunings

I am using MuseScore to convert folk tunes in notation to Tenor Banjo tab, adding a banjo tab stave then copying the notation stave to the tab stave - a great facility, very easy and convenient to use.

I have not found a ready made banjo setting that has strings tuned G,D,A,E in the MuseScore instrument list, so I have to edit each string each time I add a banjo tab stave. Can I save my string tuning to MuseScore as a new or edited instrument?

Lets write a story..

I don't know how well this is gonna work, but we should give it a try ight? Anywhoodle, so the game works by a group of people sitting in a circle, and writing a story, one word at a time.
To better explain, I say one word, another person says another word, [not just nouns, we're talking grammatically correct word placement] and it turns into a sentence. This sentence proceeds to have a spontaneous plot and is usually quite entertaining.

Lets see how this works.



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