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Group sheet music

I think it would be a very nice feature to have a fourth collection type: sheet music in groups.
Inside it shows you your groups if you tap one of the groups it shows all sheet music in this particular group.
I hope something like this can be one of the next implementations.

Sorry, this score is termporarily hidden - WHY?

I uploaded my score a few months ago and today i opened my profile to hear my music and i saw this on one of scores

Sorry, this score is temporarily hidden. Don’t worry, it is still available to you as a private score. We believe that this score is related to the work "XXX" from the film "YYY". We could be wrong and your score is possibly related to a different work. If you believe so, let us know about it and we will fix this issue.

I agree it is related to it, but i created it myself, i can see other people's work related to same song from the same movie, but why only my work is hidden?

Is this a bug or there is an actual reason behind it?

adding lyrics

I'm stumped how to solve a problem.  MuseScore will only allow me to add lyrics as in one word per beat.  I've written a piano score but I want to add the words to the song.  This may entail up to 9 words per bar but MuseScore is only allowing me to put in 4 words before it bumps along to the next chord.  Does anyone know how to solve this annoying problem?   I want to add what ever I want!  I also want to write down the lyrics to five verses one under the other.  HELP!

New Piano WIP II Feedback Needed

This is my first time writing a piece specifically to be technically challenging as opposed to being linked to a theme, so it's been a ride.
I've heard some passages would be pretty difficult, so if there's anything in here that is past a reasonable amount of challenging, do not hesitate to let me know!!