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Unable to import to MuseScore iOS

After a recent update I'm no longer able to import anything (.mscz files) into the iOS MuseScore App. After one update it removed my entire library I had imported, so I imported a load again. Now I find I can't import anything anymore. This is the same on my iPad as well as my iPhone.

To import, on the Desktop version of MuseScore I type up the music I want & save it into a cloud based location (iCloud Drive) as a .mscz file. I then go to that location on my iPad, tap on the share button & select Copy to MuseScore.
If I do this now, the MuseScore App will flash open, but nothing will happen. When I do this the file should be accessible via Library > SongBook.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? There have been a few more minor updates since, but the issues persists.

If you'd like anymore information regarding this, please let me know.


Check out the text

I don't see why the official MuseScore website has not been improving a bit much as I have seen from the long time I have accessed this site for my scores. Recently, yes I don't like it, MuseScore added this piano roll function for beta testers. Though, when I use it on a score, let's say my Hopes and Dreams score for example, the score involves a lot of instruments including guitar and drums, but what I noticed is the piano roll goes way too much out of sync, and the lag is horrible. Even if I pause the piano roll, it STILL resumes with no actual sync. For a huge MuseScore community like this asking for improvements to the official site, it does not seem like there is any sort of change or response to be it either criticism or anything being said for improvement.

Alagaësia Suite (FFA Competition May 2019)

 Here is my entry for the competition this Month:

This is also the final piece that would be heard as part of my Inheritance Cycle pieces of music, a series I am writing as if for a new series of Eragon films. This particular piece would be heard over the final credits, and incorporates a number of previously established themes, as well as the Ra'zac theme, which is a bit of a sneak-peek into what themes I'm working on next.  

Find it here:

Also check out my MuseScore account to see Palancar Valley, which gets played in this as well   

App not working

Whenever I try and scroll through the list of songs, it will stop loading and freeze and my screen will flash. Closing the app and reopening does nothing. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling changes nothing. On the off chance I find some sheet music before it starts screen flashing, the playback does not work. This happens on my brand new iPhone 8 as well as my new iPad.