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Glitch on Playback

Sorry if a thread about this issue already exists, but incase it doesn't, here's the issue. Whenever you trying to play a score before it completely loads, the play button locks up. You are not able to press play until you refresh and wait for the score to load first. I've at least noticed this issue on chrome for MacOS.

Private Message -> "Page not found"

For the second time a user, this time , has sent me private messages, but when I click on the notification or go to my messages page and click on his avatar, I get "Page not found" ( ) and there is no way to reply to him or see what he said.  This is intensely frustrating. Please make this site work; its perennial dysfunction is devastating.

Feedback on impromptu?

 I'm not finished with it but here is what I have so far of my impromptu. I am aiming for a Beethoven vibe here but also an improvisatory sound.  Here is the link if you want to see what I have of it so far: It took a lot of effort to make the accelerando sound smooth. I had the section with the accelerando sound like chaos is ensuing that then resolves when the presto section begins. What do you think of it? 

Musescore Problems

Hi , I use musescore as a teaching aid for my choir and now the new Musescore that I have upgraded too will not load any of my music even the ones made on Musescore three. I have about thirty songs made on Musescore 2 but they will not load onto the new app. When trying to download a song it starts the download then nothing happens.
Can we have the old songbook back as we do not require all the new features and certainly my new choir members won't pay the subscibtion cost just to practice their peices
Thanks Choir member