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Competition #8

This group is officially being rebooted! Here's the rules for the next contest:

1. You must rearrange at least one piece in this group.
2. You are allowed to include pieces not in this group (e.g. classical music, video game music themes) in your rearrangement.
3. You are NOT allowed to rearrange any of your own compositions, but you are allowed to rearrange anything else, including works you've previously arranged and published on Musescore.
4. You are allowed to use ANY number of instruments in your arrangement.
5. You are allowed to effectively change the soundfont and copy and paste the original score into different instruments. If you're trying to pull that off for a solo-instrument work, though, I'd highly prefer that you copy and paste into multiple instruments.
6. One rearrangement per person, in case it wasn't obvious.
7. You must post a link to your entry in this thread.
8. Please provide the names and links to all works in this group you've rearranged in the description of your entry, as well as the names of any pieces not in this group you included.

All standard rules. But here's the final one:
9. You must primarily use a different mode than the original piece you're arranging used (e.g. a piece in major key could become minor, Dorian, Phrygian, etc.). If you're arranging multiple pieces, use a different mode from the original for the material from each piece (another example: if arranging two pieces, one major and one minor, you could make the major one' s material, where it appears, minor, and vice versa).

The contest will run until it has three entries, at which point it will remain open for exactly one more week. The winner will be determined by a vote.

Again to the stats

On 14.04.18 I uploaded the score "Krieg (War)". (

On my profile page 46 views are displayed. If I click the views of the last six days individually, then I get 41 views for the first day, 5 for the second day, 6 for the third day and 2 for the fifth day. 41+5+6+2, that's 54 views. I mean,  what is valid now? It is nice that the statistics are now being revised. But I think one should also be able to rely on the values that are displayed there having a relevance.

Hate spammer on website.

About a month ago I had written a song for my 300 follower special, and It's view per day ratio has been that above any of my other songs so far. Because of that I like to check it every day to see how it is faring.

And so this morning I got on to see if anything new was on it, and found two hate messages from a user named RCLDineshe

The first comment was:


The second comment was:

The first comment was especially geared to offend me since I am a Christian. 

Anyway I'd like to report this user for hate spamming.

If any other person has been hate spammed by this or other users feel free to post them in the comments section: Being hated on is generally against a website's rules, and help can be provided.


(Here are two pictures in the comments for proof in case the person tries to lie and delete the account.)

How to add videos in musescore.

Thanks to user 'zombie pigdragon' for figuring this out!
type youtube in []
type in select piece from youtube URL
(This is a URL
Select the part after watch?v= (U6JS1BxutRY) and place it after the first step without spaces.
3) type in /youtube in [] without spaces between step 2


At first when he tried to show me how to do it I couldn't figure it out. So I looked at the source code for the musescore page (ctrl U on windows using Google Chrome) and was able to figure it out. It turned out thought that it seems that musescore interpreted the string as an actual piece of code, which is what enabled one to upload the youtube video. 

here is a copy of the sourcecode for the text above to help:
  <p class="text-content">Thanks to user 'zombie pigdragon' for figuring this out!<br>1)<br>type youtube in []<br>2)<br>type in select piece from youtube URL<br>(This is a URL <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="
"></a><br>Select the part after watch?v= (U6JS1BxutRY) and place it after the first step without spaces.<br>3) type in /youtube in [] without spaces between step 2<br><br>result<br><br><iframe src="
" class="no-src lazyload" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br>At first when he tried to show me how to do it. So I looked at the source code for the page (ctrl U on windows) and saw that musescore interpreted the string as an actual piece of code, which is what enabled one to upload the youtube video. </p>

Interestingly enough, most keywords do not work. For instance, soundcloud will not work. 


After testing some more it seems like youtube is the only one that works, perhaps it is reasons on both ends. Maybe there are other keywords that we can upload other things with.


If anyone could help figure this out that would be great! :D


I believe the reasons why other things won't work is because to use that you would need an actual HTML text editor (could we please get one for musescore).  I think for youtube there is just some kind of weird glitch.

Spam, spam, spam ...

Why do we have to keep seeing this stuff? Once in a while it's amusing - but does no-one take any notice of 'Mark As Spam' these days?  And any *wise* Moderator might gently restrain the youthful exuberance of those on this Group who are publicly giving the world 'hacking' lessons, or offering lawyers new business for 'defamation'... 

" Have you been searching for a passport, SSN, driver's license, I.D,  Birth certificate, diploma or any other document?  TEXT/CALL..+1(917)-300-8136 Or maybe to buy A NEW passport ... "

 "Consumers also can be routinely enrolled in a subscription that sends a modern supply of the product each month .."

"Have you been searching for a Score-sharing website that doesn't dick you around continually, and then shrug it off as-if no-one should expect any different ... " ;-)

Hidden volta measure is partially visible on

MuseScore 2.2.1 revision OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64, 
MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.2.1, revision: github-musescore-musescore-51b8386

There is a difference in the way a score is displayed on and when edited in MuseScore 2.2.1.  With a final *hidden* volta measure, the entire last measure can be rendered invisible when editing in MuseScore.  And the measure remains invisible when the score is exported as a PDF file.  But when uploaded to, the grand staff brace and initial barline of the last measure wrongly become visible.  For an example, see: