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Corruptions when importing xml files.

In late 2015 I purchased Sibelius 7.5 and NotePerformer. As I've always had problems with MS 2 and its variants, I switched to Sib and from there converted to xml to import into MS. I've made 3 scores in this fashion. The first (Legend) converted to MS ok. Before I could upload the second and third (In Memoriam and Ghost of a Countess - arrangements of the work of Barry P), I upgraded to 2.03. Since then, all I've found is corruptions and I haven't been able to upload my last two scores as MS seems to demand perfection. It also happens on scores downloaded from MS (e.g. both of Barry's piano scores for these works). Of course, hardly any of these "corruptions" can be noticed on the score and the problem seems to occur mainly where some form of (du)plet is converted. However, on the last score the corruptions are alleged to appear from bar 1and in just about every bar of the 209 in the score, which is ridiculous. It could be reasoned that there's something wrong with Sib in the conversion, except that downloaded MS files have similar issues. This is a sound file of the score:
If someone wants to look at it, I was able to open and save the xml using MS 1.3 but MS says the 1.3 is full of corruptions too, so I can't upload it. I can also send the Sib file.

Musescore Songbook for Android - Concert Pitch

Hi all,
I use Musecore on PC to transpose music from Treble Clef Trombone to Bass Clef. I do this by using Treble Clef Trombone staff and using the Concert Pitch button to toggle to Bass Clef. This method works well as I can check the music and then just select Concert Pitch to show Bass Clef.
I am starting to use the Songbook App on Android and have not yet discovered how to show the music as concert pitch as per the PC? Can anyone help with how to do this?
If not this might be a feature request or even just being able to display the musescore file as saved (either concert pitch or normal).
Thanks in Advance

Full Album Transcriptions/Compositions

Hi all,

Last week I decided to undertake the most ambitious project I have done on MuseScore and transcribed every song on the Eagles' Hotel California album into one massive score. I noticed that it seems nobody else has attempted to do this sort of thing before, or at least not that I can see, and my question is why not? When you search "full album", the only relevant result that gets returned is a piece by 'EpicMusic 4everyone', which is only half an album's length, but nonetheless a great piece! I was hoping maybe more people could start transcribing or better yet composing albums in this way, because I think it could lead to some great material being posted.

Here is the full album transcription I finished this evening:

musescore to mp3

Hello Musescore community,

I don't know how to convert something from musescore into an mp3 file so could someone do it for me? I'm looking for a realistic soundfont because I wrote this for my english projects. If anyone could do me this favor, please put the link to the download in this discussion, or email me at Thank you very much. The link to my piece is below.

Trying to add a note without replacing the existing one? thus moving the whole piece one beat forward?

I'm new to musescore, and I'm having a little bit of trouble!

You know how if you are using a text software, if you have "tab" activated, typing deletes the following letter and replaces it with whatever you're typing?

I was putting notes in, and I forgot one, my question is if there is any way for me to add it in the way one would if tab was not activated? As in, adding a note and moving the whole thing forward?

Super appreciative of any help! Thanks!

This guy is reposting my scores, what can I do?

I discovered this user just reposted my score ( as his ( Changing only the title translating it to english and claiming copyrights to it. What can I do?

It features even the changes I've added earlier this year and I know it is my score because all the custom things I took personal care to set (like minor element positioning, portuguese instrument names, tempo, dynamics etc.) are there.

What can I do? It's definitly not cool seeing someone pretending to have done all your work you've done out of passion because you just enjoyied the software. And a quality demanding work.

Transcription thief

On January 17th, 2016, I uploaded my transcription of Johann Sebastian Bach's Cello Suite in G major. On June 29th, 2016, axelknls ( uploaded his transcription of the suite. I downloaded his score and came to the conclusion that he had downloaded my transcription and uploaded it to his profile, changing nothing but a few notes in the prelude. I have asked him to remove the score, but have received no reply. I was wondering if I could get the stolen score removed from MuseScore.

A question about MP3s

I recently purchased Vocaloid software. I can add a sung lyrics to a song and it is easy to make a wav or MP3 format version. My issue is that I would like to have the audio playback the vocal version as the audio source without "Making a movie" and posting it on You Tube. Are there any plans in the future for uploading MP3 format audio files as an "Audio Source" for our scores.

In my opinion, this would definitely improve the site and reduce the number of people moving to other sites, like Soundcloud, to get better audio reproduction. This would also eliminate the constant questions, (I myself am guilty), about soundfonts and their failings.

Summary: I would like to record my songs with my own soundfonts and effects, and then create an MP3 which I could directly upload to MS as an audio source... Any chance of that happening?

New beta release of MuseScore apps for Android

We are preparing a new release of the MuseScore apps for Android which is now pushed on the beta channel for you to test. You can subscribe on the beta channel for each app via:

* free MuseScore app:
* paid Songbook app:

This new release contains mostly bug and UI fixes:
- Add help on pinch
- Add help menu
- Fix transposition of transposing instruments
- Fix playback of last measure
- Speed up volume sliders in the mixer
- CJK support in search field

If you are experiencing other bugs, don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly via

Changed IOS layout?

Just today, I found that I can no longer log in, or even play anything from musescore on my phone or Ipad anymore. It says I have to pay $1.99 in order to view anything even though I'm not using the app. I used to be able to just go to from my phone to check and view stuff, but now I can't. Is this the case for anyone else?

Creating a Playlist out of Favorites

It seems the score-selection to playlist feature request I put up here and in the forums got some buzz; although most of it came from here.

I'd like to suggest adding a slightly different feature to The ability to form a playlist using scores you've favorited.

I'm really passionate about music as I'm sure most, if not all of us in the MuseScore community are. As such, I'm plugged into music on Spotify and YouTube and have countless playlists set up with music by various artists across different genres. My point being, I only see the addition of a playlist feature as another way to heighten the MuseScore experience!

Cheers, Klardemi

Note: This discussion has also been posted to the Forums under "Feature Requests" as was the last. As this potential feature may be a part of the upcoming software MuseScore 3.0.