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Changing a key-signature to a single part in a multi-instrument score not working

Using up-to-date MuseScore on Mac.  
Making a Score using the Brass Band template.  I am trying to change one parts key signature, when I click and hold the Mac 'CMD' key from the palette key-sig I want and drag it onto the part stave, the first bar (where the key shows) highlights, but doesn't change to the new key signature. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

formatting screwed up when opening MS2 files in MS3

I have opened my current project in MS3 and found all kind of elements at strange locations: tie and sostenuto-lines, dynamics etc. Also system distances and other global formatting settings were not correctly picked up. Applying the option 'reset the position of all elements' did change but not really improve the problem.
Further tests with older files resulted in pretty much the same picture.

I am generally using style files. Since these are not portable between 2 and 3 I first suspected this to be the cause of my trouble but more detailed inspection suggests that something else must be interfering. 

Has any of you experienced similar problems?

Recently, many of my older scores posted to the website have become disconnected from their synced YouTube audio (Please note that this is NOT a 3.0 issue)


(Please note that this is NOT a 3.0 issue)

Recently, many of my older scores posted to the website have become disconnected from their synced YouTube audio.

 In other words, even though the score is synced to a YouTube video (in  the "Manage Audio Sources" area), when the user presses the play button,  the score plays; however there is no red measure marker tracking along  with the score. 
I provided a screen capture on Facebook in the MuseScore Discussion and Support Group: that hopefully will help explain the issue: The top represents an  existing score (although the playback is on measure 3, there is no red  measure marker tracking on the synced score. The issue is fixed by  clicking on the 3-dots and then "Clear Markers" followed by "Load Score  Markers" as shown in the bottom portion of the screen capture.

An example of a score with this issue is at: and and

 Although the user fix is relatively easy, I have over 5,000 scores  online which presents an unreasonable challenge for me to fix this for  all the affected scores. My hope is that a developer might see and  recognize this issue and provide a back-end correction to the website  that will correct this disconnect on mine (and likely others) scores.


How do you place *one* quarter rest in a measure?

As often as I've tried to add a quarter rest to the measure, it works, but it adds **two** of them, and I am unable to delete the other rest, because there are no other notes in that measure, which is fine, because, in a 4/4 tempo song, only the first and last measure, can have less than 4 beats per measure. And if you add the fist and last measures together, it will equal 4 beats anyway. 

So, how do you place *one* quarter rest in a measure? 

Ticklin' Ivory

Uploading scores problem

I have 64 scores to upload to MuseScore of about 70Kb each. I'm used to do this without any problem but now, it's been 2 hours since the download didn't succeed. I tried it on 2 PCs and also starting directly from the score, but nothing works!
The scores are from MuseScore
How can I fix this problem? It is urgent...
Thank you for your help

Scores not processing.

I know there is already a similar post about this, but it's from early December, and I feel that it needs to be brought to light again.

Our scores are not processing. I uploaded a score for symphony orchestra nearly an hour ago, and it just says, "Score is being processed. It will automatically be displayed when finished."

I know this is not normal, as in the past scores have been uploaded very quickly.
Also, I'm not the only one having this issue. @Howard_C. said earlier today that the problem from December had returned, and his score has been "processing" for over 3 hours, perhaps longer, as I don't know when the comment was posted. Does anyone else have this problem?

Trascription requests and volunteers

This discussion is to be used for requesting specific pieces to be transcribed to MuseScore for the purpose of being converted to Braille. Feel free to ask for anything that is not under copyright. Requests for copyright scores cannot be currently honored through this site. Any requests for copyright materials will be deleted without comment.

This is also the place to volunteer to do these transcriptions. If you have a transcription that you think would be usable for Braille conversion, or would like to fulfill a request, please let us know here. That will help to prevent multiple people working on the same transcription.

If you volunteer to do a transcription, please drop me an e-mail also. I would like to be able to communicate with you during the process and be available to answer any questions you might have.