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App crashed constantly

Edited a bit later:
Meanwhile the problem came up again, this time without giving problems to all of the files in the library ...
However, I got a series of 6 files witch lead to a crash of the player.
I have sent them to support at musescore dot com - hoping that was correct.

While I was happy for a while and everything worked well, all of a sudden the app wouldn't do the job. These were the problems:
- I could play files directly from the community but not anymore from the local library after I had downloaded them.
- sometimes the app crashed when I tried to change the score size settings

I deinstalled the app and reinstalled it, which didn't resolve the problem.

Then I connected the Nexus 7 to the PC in debugging mode, went to the MuseScore folder and deleted the whole thing (mscz files and database), uninstalled the app again, reinstalled the app - now it works again.

Connected quavers

Absolutely new to this software. First question - the piece I am rearranging is written with separate quavers as the primary beat. When I insert several consecutive quavers they come out tied together by the tails (sorry - I don't know the correct term). How can I separate them?

Thanks in anticipation

Statistics' Time Zone

I know this is really not applicable for every Musescore user, because only those who have pro accounts can go see their statistics, but I have noticed that, even though I live in the Eastern United States, the day cycle for the statistics for all the scores seem to end 5 hours earlier than when it actually hits midnight in my Time Zone.
Is everyone just set to UK time? And if so, is there a way to allow each time zone their specific 24 hour period, not tied to the UK time?
Hopefully what I said is understandable.

How can i customize the time signature?

Please help me with this...
I want to rewrite the hymnal but i dont know how to do it. the problem is
the time signature of the song is 4/4 but in the first measure there is only 1 note and the last note is 3 note.
as i understand in every measure should complete four note.

So now i want to know who to set up only one 1 in the first measure and the last measure is 3 note.

how to do that?

please help friend

Downloading Group Files for Off-line Playing?

I have created a MuseScore Group for our community chorus and have added several files to this group, and also some members of our chorus.
When our chorus members log in using their Songbook app what must they do in order to see the files I have added to the Group?
How does this change if I upload the Group files as "private?"
How can Group members use just Songbook (not DropBox) to download a Group file so it can be played offline?