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MuseScore file sync'd to a YouTube recording - not working on iPhone?

Can anyone help me to understand how to sync a MuseScore file to a YouTube link so that it plays back correctly on mobile phones as well on Windows PC?

Background: the recording uploaded to YouTube is my own copyright from a private recording session.  The source sound file was in MP3 format and was combined with images to make an MP4 file which I uploaded to YouTube.

I just created an HTML page with an embedded MuseScore for the score playback, and it plays the default YouTube performance recording just fine on my Windows 10 laptop.  But when trying to play that same web page on an iPhone, the playback is a generated MP3 file (not the performance on YouTube). And on my old Android phone, it won't play at all.

Am I expecting too much, or should this sync actually work on mobiles too?

Suggestion to improve forums/groups -- Search for topic from any page.

My suggestion is to include (perhaps in the dashboard) the ability to search discussions/comments and groups for topics and for posts by self or other specific members.

I came across one page that had a forum search feature, but then I could not find it again.   I would like to be able to access the forum search from every forum discussion or group page.

PDF Conversion

I've used a PDF converter on the Musescore website before, but I can't find it anymore. The converter worked moderately well, and I hope that if it is removed that it will be back soon. If not, does anyone know where else I could go to convert PDF's into more useful forms for editing, etc?

Problems exporting sheet music to PDF

I have a sheet music with a pick up measure. When I export my sheet music to PDF, the first pick up note is appearing blank, although the note's line is there but without the note's black dot.

I am using MuseScore 2 on Ubuntu 18.04. What seems to be the problem?

When I am editing the music, the first pick up note appears gray (it seems like it is selected, but I can't un-gray it or deselect it).

Not here, but

This page should have a large visible header (a capability not currently present) saying that it is about the web site, and not the software, and if you are discussing the application software, click 'here'.  The explanation on the side is not visible enough, and daily traffic about the app results.  It does suggest that few people read the right hand column of this, or any, group..... or score.  Maybe the white text that now only says "Post your ideas to improve" should be expanded to say something like this (as a first attempt).

Feature Request

Feature Request

Part 1
1. Make the Loop start marker an editable objet.
   add a propperty   "NumberOfLoops"

   when the tune is played respect the numbers of loops. 
   (if it is zero, loop endless as it is now)
Part 2
1. When exporting the tune to an audio format flac, wave, mp3,  mid etc.
   check if a loop is selected. If it is then
   export the loop from start marker to endmarkter and respect the NumberOfLoops

   This should give you a Audio file with the score NumberOfLoops times repeated.
   Neatly whith out any gaps between the loops.
This resembles closely the ABC Tag  P:(AB)5  which playes Part A,then Part B, and repeat it 5 times If the Tag P:(AB)5 is in effect, it will also do a looped export to audio. 

So if there is no loop set in Musescore while exporting to audio file, export the score only once.

Merging staves

Hi, I imported a MusicXML file from LogicPro X into Musescore. The vocal lines appear as piano parts (i.e., two staves instead of one). Is there a way to convert it to one stave? Musescore only seems to provide the option to split staves, not merge them.