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Hyperlinks in the notification feature are not working like they were + Dashboard issues

This has been going on for a couple weeks now, when the notification feature started out I could click on the hyperlink under the bell, and after clicking it redirected me to the exact comment of the notification. Recently comment notifications that are from a discussion with more than one page of comments do not lead to the comment, instead just the first page of the discussion. I don't know when this changed, but it is a huge nuisance to have to dig through a 9 page discussion in order to find a comment directed to myself. I wouldn't be complaining about this if my dashboard worked, but for weeks and weeks my dashboard has failed to show all the recent comments, only showing about 1 in 5 of every comment I get. it would be nice to see the hyperlinks redirect straight to the comment I am getting notified for, as it was earlier when the feature was new, and also I'd like to see my dashboard fixed again.

Also I have encountered these problems on Safari and Chrome on my Macbook pro and my windows, respectfully.

What is wrong with my email adress?

In a yellow bar it tells me: "It seems something's wrong with your email as we couldn't send you an important notification, update your email address."
What is this for B...? I don't want to change my email address nor my password for many reasons ( for the time beïng). Everybody else has no problem, so please just delete that message!!

Wish I could unsubscribe a score....

A few weeks ago I added my praise to an excellent, major work by an up-and-coming composer.  Now I am inundated by "Foo123 has commented on your favorited score" messages as others encounter it and praise it. I wish I could stop this flood (for a specific score; I don't want to disable the feature).  I guess I'll unfavorite it, but that's a bit strong.

Static thumbnails do not work anymore

As stated in the API documentation ( ), Musescore provides static thumbnails here ({id}/{secret}/thumb.png). This does not seem to be working anymore. Could you update the documentation, so that developers can use thumbnails again?
I think thumbnails are very important. My Telegram bot ( ) is at the moment not able to display any previews. :(

I have already reported the bug at .

Transpose Window - Typo & Proposals

There's a typo on the transpose/tempo window of MuseScore 2.1.5 in German:
The tempo button at the right should be labelled "VERDOPPELN" not "VERFOPPELN"
The link to reset transposition should be labelled with the minor key in lowercase as it is the case on the transpose button below e.g. "C, a", not "C, A"
Common spellings for minor keys are e.g. a, am, Am. All three would be OK, I would prefer am or Am.
The layout of the transpose window in Songbook looks more clear to me.
That "reset to original key" shows the original key is an improvement.

Opening .mscz files from file manager shows strange behaviour

When I open an mscz file from a file manager (long press - open with... - MuseScore), sometimes the file is displayed as expected, sometimes I end up in th e "browse scores" view. Possibly the difference is, if MuseScore is already running or not.
When the score is opened correctly, the "hamburger menu" top right sometimes doesn't do anything, sometimes it shows an incomplete unusable dropdown menu.

Offline files cannot be used reliably by now.

MuScore 3

I installed Muscore 3 in / on Window 10.
The export to .wav does not work
i cannot add soundfonts in the synth window
i complained and "Antony"tells me that he use Mas OS and he does not have problem
does not help
MuScore 2 still fine
If you want to upgrade, make it better not worse