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Native Messaging Function... anyone?

Is there anyone else here who would appreciate having a messaging function built into MuseScore? I know I would; I don't like having to use my private email for correspondence within the MuseScore community.

My idea is for messages to go directly to the user's MuseScore account, rather than to their personal email address that they used to create their account. I can easily think of examples where the current messaging system proves to be impractical, and you likely have experienced some of the disadvantages yourself.

The fact that I'm forced to disclose my email address to each and every user I message is enough cause to look for a better solution!
Just a simple messaging function included in the MuseScore website would remove all of the ongoing problems.

Catalog / index listing for scores contained in Groups and Sets

This may have been discussed previously, but I can't figure out how to get a brief title-only listing of the scores in a given group or set.

For example, there's a set of Scott Joplin piano rags on this user's page, and I may want to know if the set includes Joplin's "Magnetic Rag". 

When I click on the set, I get a very long page that included "full entry" metadata for each score in the set, and as a user, I have to do a lot of scrolling to see what pieces are in the set, and if the piece I'm looking for is included.

What I'd like to see is an "index list" (a set of titles, like a Table of Contents) that does not include an image of the score and all the score description metadata. That would making browsing a group or a set of scores much more efficient. The solution could be as simple as using a drop-down widget to hide or expose the score description notes and the image of the score that is included when you click on a Set or a Group listing.

Am I overlooking a way to do this that already exists?

Highlighting names

Can musescore add the little feature of highlighting the username of a creator when they comment on their own score like how YouTube does with its content creators. For instance if I make a score and I comment on it my name will be highlighted and people viewing the score can easily recognise it, especially if it’s some update for a work in progress medley because I doubt people read descriptions often.

Links created on the "Improving" contain invalid references

The underlying hyperlinks for the automatically-generated names (e.g., @Mike Magatagan") in posted comments/replies, contain invalid hyperlinks.

For example: on a reply to an "Improving" comment, the user name printed at the beginning of the comment contains an invalid reference (e.g., instead of the actual )

Report Composers

I think there should be an option to report a composer. Now I don't know if this is already a thing and I just haven't been able to find it or what, but musescore needs this. If you go to browse its just spam, probably by bots, of beyond distant skys that all have different titles. These accounts post it 5-10 times and it ends up being the only thing there.

Let me know your input i'm curious.


Hello all. 
I was thinking of a feature that another forum I was in had, and perhaps musescore could implement it.
Basically, users submit advertisements (banners) that advertise their groups, profiles, discussions, YouTube channels, you name it to the admins of musescore. Maybe you have a submit button somewhere on the site and people can drop their pictures along with the link to their product or service. 

Once the advertisement is reviewed, you could put it as a banner ad in the browse section or as one of those square ads on people's scores, or wherever you think of.

I feel like this could get the community perked up and more interested in things, plus groups could get more publicity? i dunno

Can't fully upload to YouTube with version 3

Since I use Musescore 3 I am having trouble sending my scores to YouTube. Loading stops at 95%. There is a movie to download afterwards, but there is only a few seconds of material on it? I've tried it with Musescore 2 and that works. An additional problem is that I have already made a number of scores in version 3 and those files are not read by 2, otherwise I could do it through that detour.
Am I the only one with this problem? If so, what am I doing wrong? If not, what can one do about it?

Load score markers on my audio track and it doesn't work.

Just loaded my newest score from 3.01 today.  Tried to load score markers on my audio track and it doesn't work.  Went back and it was loaded automatically. Think I'm going back to the old version.  Also I noticed some of my old scores from a year or two ago the audio score markers seemed to disappear. Seems to be random. I only notice it when some one makes a comment and I go back to listen to it. I reload the score markers and it's fine.

First score with one million views!

Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to our first score to reach 1 million views!

A few months ago this score wasn't even in the Top 10. In October the Freddy Mercury biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" was released . As a result, the score for Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the most popular scores on

In a few days, we are anticipating a second score will reach 1 million views ( It is my hope that in the near future, millions of views will be standard for many scores.

Thank you, MuseScore Community!