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Adaptations for visually impaired users

Background to this request: I spend a lot (really a lot) of time entering notation to musescore in order to create modified notation that is accessible to my pupil who has a visual impairment and this has been very successful (thanks muse score!) but is very time-consuming. I have saved the settings for the sizings and spacings of the stave and text but would like to be able to:

1. Set up as default a customised system of coloured note heads so that every time I enter a C it comes up as red, D as brown etc. (Currently I have to select all the Cs and change colour via the inspector tool for ever note of music I enter in every piece).

2. A sophisticated scanning option for sheet music (I have tried the scanning PDF option with varied success) so that any standard notation can be converted to an editable form to which I can then apply custom settings that make the notation accessible for my pupil.


Suggestion for scores (And groups)?

1. A user can pin a comment on his/her’s score.
This would be really useful in my opinion. It would be just like how you can on YouTube. But, it would be really helpful, because sometimes I just want to put a notice, or info on my song without it being in the description. Because not everyone reads the description, but I feel like there is a better chance that someone would see the first comment. Anyone agree?

2. A admin/admins can pin discussions in their groups.
This would be extremely useful. I own a competition group with @LegendIan, and it would be really useful if we could pin discussions. It would be extremely great if we could pin up to 5 discussions too. Anyone agree?

Possible to convert a V3 score back to V2?

I installed V3 amd worked out a complete score with 5 instruments.  PC crashed.  Afterwards, V3 not working properly.  Re-installed V2 but now that score is inaccessible.  Any way to convert it back to V2?  (Remember, now I cannot use V3 in this process).  

If there is a way onlline to do it, I uploaded the V3 score today (1/17) as 'Slowpoke V3' under my account.

Any help much appreciated.

Frank McLeod

As iOS developer, how can I make contributions to the mobile apps?

First, I have only just heard about MuseScore and downloaded to my Mac. Awesome! I have searched GitHub and the forums a bit, but I haven't found an answer to my question. I'm sorry if this newbie post is addressed elsewhere.

I have experience as developer of iOS iPhone and iPad apps. I could not find an open source repository for the iOS code or how to help with the development. Please help me understand how to help with the mobile development effort. Thanks.

Musescore Updates Never Available At iOS 12...

The only way I know that there is a new Musescore "update" at my iOS 12.... (presently 12.1.1) is because I know it from my iOS 10.1.3 at my old iPad. At the new iPad I never!!! did get any update. So the only way to test the new update it is by deleting Musescore and downloading it again from iCloud. (Remember I don't update my old iPad to keep my precious version 1.13 alive). Then the new update will be installed but then also all Songbook data is lost again which unacceptable anyway. Latest Musescore version 2.1.10-15 jan.

Score font Style Changed

I made scores using Musescore 2. But after updating to Musescrore 3, I am facing some issues with my old scores, like Title font changed, Composer text i placed in center below Title but now it comes on top left side and size decreased.

So please help, how can i retrieve same style of my old score in musescore3??

Long score, having trouble uploading.

I'm trying to upload a piece that I've been working on for a few weeks, and it is having trouble uploading. I've tried twice and both times they "processed" for 2-3 hours and then said "page not found." The piece is 419 measures long which makes me think that is a factor, but I'm not sure. Can anyone direct me? 
Link to the score:

Chords Over Rests

I recently downloaded the latest version. I was enjoying a lot of the new features, but one thing I found to be INCREDIBLY irritating.

Let's say there are 2 eighth rests next to each other and I want to put a chord over each one. The chords do NOT snap into place and the rests do NOT move in order to accommodate the chord. Instead the chords stack on top of one another. The same thing happens if I want to put a chord over a rest and there is a NOTE next to it that I want to put a chord over. 

This does not happen when the chords are placed over notes, but it does happen whenever I put a chord over a rest. It is only a problem when I want to put more than one chord in a measure, but I do this fairly frequently.

Anyone have a fix? Thanks!