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Receiving warning: "songbook has stopped"

I am part of a choir of 30 people to whom I had installed songbook, and distribute them our scores.
Unfortunately on most of their android smartphones I often get that warning - like as if their operating system is unable to complete the loading of a new .MSCZ song you just downloaded.
Precisely It shows me the logo page, then after some 15 seconds it comes the files page that shows only partially somewhat 60 % of screen on the upper left corner is visible and then comes the notification "Songbook stopped".

Do you have any suggestions for me on what to check on smartphones to make sure that songbook don't ceases to function by loading a new song?

Thank You

Audio Source

Firstly, I want to thank the developers for creating this new feature. I just have a few questions:

1. Does the source that you select on your own score extend to the public, or do they have to select the source each time they view the piece?
2. If the latter, will it it be possible to implement the former in the near future?
3. When one downloads the piece in .mp3 format, will the version with the soundfont be downloaded, or the version to which defaults?


Bulk messages for group members.

The admin of Music Battle Group came up with the idea that for their 30th battle they would email their members and let them know when the battle starts, (April 1) and remind them as a member they can enter or join the final discussions and voting that starts on April 25.

For reference the group link is

A special account was set up for the administrators to email from, but low and behold there is a five message per hour limit.

Is there anything that can be done in the form of bulk email, by group admins to members of a group?

Can the limit be changed?


Collective Symphony Project vvv (Important Announcement) vvv

---This is it---

Firstly, thank you for stopping to read this!

This is an amazing opportunity for all the AMAZING musicians on musescore!

What I am doing is called the "Collective Symphony Project"

What this project is--
This is a chance for musicians to participate in something really cool! There is a score in my profile (daniel trchalek) called "Heroic Entrance"
(here is the link- )
and I am inviting all musicians to download the score and record themselves playing whatever part(s) they want, and then send the recording to me. I will put the collective recording together and see if we can make an SYMPHONY out of them!


The recording MUST be:
At the correct tempo (120) use this link--
Of decent quality (completely silent background noise)
mp3 files
Sent to

All participants must acknowledge that my score "Heroic Entrance" has reserved rights and is not to be copied or duplicated. If you have any questions, visit my website

Participants will not be compensated in any way as this project is for fun.

After all of the parts' recordings have been sent in to me, I will layer them and attempt to create our "symphony."

If you wish to be a part of this and have any questions, feel free to email me^^^
If you do not wish to be a part of this, thank you for reading this, and perhaps try to inform people who you think would like to be a part of this!

Thank you, all!

Daniel Trchalek

*UPDATE* 4/4/16

Parts already being covered:
F Horn
Trumpet 2
Bass Drum
String Bass
Violin (still accepting violin recordings to layer)

Need more participants!!

When recording I suggest listening to the score in real-time using headphones and play along with your designated instrument

Suggested future changes with favourites

I would like to see, at some future point a rating system rather than a single favourite. Much like movies are rated up to 5 stars. If someone clicks a rating start (1 to 5) their vote goes towards the aggregate average. votes are anonymous. NOT clicking on one of the five stars does not change anything.

Three variables required, NumberOfRatings and AverageRating, MembersRating
Formulas: AverageRating = (AverageRating * NumberofRatings +
NumberOfRatings = NumberOfRatings +1

Further to this...
1) Comments are great as they are
2) I would like to see the ability to download the MP3 of the score with that number reported as a view (Would require an extra control)
3) I would like to see who downloaded the actual MS score, and that recorded as a Download

Thanks for listening!

Join MuseScore for Google Summer of Code 2016

Google Summer of Code (GSoC), sometimes dubbed "Flip bits, not burgers", is a program organized by Google to invite students to work on open source software during summer and get paid for it. MuseScore has been selected this year again to be a mentoring organisation.

If you want to improve MuseScore this summer, it's a unique opportunity!

More info

Want to add a Chapman Stick to instruments.xml


I want to add an instrument definition for a Chapman Stick. These come in many flavors, mine is a ten string instrument tuned as outlined here:

I've googled a lot and haven't found any prior art on this, nor can I find descriptions of the StringData elements in the xml.

I'd be happy for starters to add the stick as two instruments, one for treble clef featuring the melody strings on the instrument, and one for bass clef featuring the bass strings, though in general it's probably better to think of these instruments as scored like a piano.

Any pointers of any kind appreciated. I'm not familiar at all yet with groups and the search tools seem to be missing except for the "search for sheet music" option.

Happy playing!