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Idea for Discussion Search Bar

I think a discussion search bar within a group it would be a great feature, especially for larger and more active groups such as this one or Randomly Screwing Around. Then, before posting discussions we can search the group for related posts so we don't accidentally post a repeat.

Another idea... it would also be very nice if we can add tags to our discussions, making the discussion search much more easy to use.

MuseScore's Dishonest Advertising

I have a huge issue with the way MuseScore has been presenting their sales as of late, and though I'm sure that this has been discussed plenty of times before, I'd like to put my own two cents in. Let's talk about the Black Friday and New Year's sales. Around the the time of each of these events, MuseScore placed a banner for 60% and 50% off, respectively, of a one-year Pro subscription at the top of nearly every page on the site. Now one would expect that there would be an offer of one year of Pro for $19.60 during the Black Friday sale and $24.50 during the New Year's sale based on the standard price of $49 for one year of Pro. However, rather than using their typical full price, MuseScore raised the standard price of a one-year Pro subscription to $83.88 specifically for these events in order to create the illusion of a better deal. However, these adjusted sale prices ($33.55 and $41.94) were actually only marked down by approximately 31.5% and 14.4% from the $49 original, which is starkly lower than the advertised 60% and 50%. I frankly don't find an awful lot wrong with the prices themselves, as I understand that a company has to bring in a substantial revenue in order to remain in business, but the morality of the advertising is questionable at best. Since this is ultimately a group for suggesting ways in which MuseScore as a whole could be improved, I'd like to offer a simple solution to this entire ordeal: advertise honestly. This platform has so many great things about it, but that stunt left a sour taste in my mouth, and I'm positive that the same is true for many other users. After all, it certainly doesn't help your image if your own userbase is skeptical of your company's market practices.

Suggestions for Groups

Hello! So I've just got some suggestions (and bugs that need to be fixed) that maybe you could take into consideration about groups on this site?

1. Blocked users are still able to join your groups
When I block someone, I don't want them in my groups. I mean, technically I could make the group moderated or invite only, but it'll still be a lot more convenient if I didn't have to repeatedly deny a user membership (which has happened several times in the past with trolls/plagiarizers/spammers)

2. Admins can remove the group owner as admin, and group owners can remove themselves as admins
I guess the group owners can technically choose that they don't want to be admins anymore, but accidental removal of the owner by an admin has happened. I'm guessing this is a bug?

3. Admins should be able to kick users without having to find them in the members list
When you have to scroll through 500+ people just to find one user you want to kick, it's kinda annoying :P. And I have had to do this...more than once. Or maybe you should be able to have a search bar in the members section so admins can just type in their username and have them pop up without having to scroll through the entire thing. Same goes for making a user a new admin of the group.

4. Moderated groups - owners get notifications for each join request AND when the user "joins the group" - in other words, when the request is approved
I mean, the join request notification is fine, but it's a bit annoying when I get a notification right after I myself let a user into my group. I think the notification thing is great for open or even invite only groups, though.

5. Maybe groups could have a thing where owners/admins can pin discussions?
Sometimes really interesting discussions get lost after a really short time, especially if the group is really active. It would also be nice if someone really wanted to highlight something in the group but didn't want to make the group description too long or cluttered.

6. Ability to "follow" discussions?
Some discussions are really interesting. But sometimes, we aren't the creators of these discussions, so we don't know when it gets updated (and have to repeatedly check it for more comments). I think following discussions will be a cool and convenient feature.

Thanks!! :D

Dynamic Crescendos and Descrendos

Hello Friends!
    I've been using Musescore for as long as I can remember, and the one thing I've always wanted to see is dynamic crescendos and decrescendos. I was wondering, is there any talk of implementing this? What I mean exactly is, having the dynamic change during say a long tone for brass or wind instruments, is this possible?
Thanks in Advance for the responses!

Colors of lines

Is it possible to change colors or thickness of individual staff-lines in Musescore ?
It is a great teaching tool, but I cant find that it can be done currently.
For example, I usually highlight the BC and EF semitone lines in Key C, and the similar semitone lines in all the other keys and it helps a lot teaching harmony. It is tiresome to do it by hand.
Can it currently be done ?

Suggestion for scores (And groups)?

1. A user can pin a comment on his/her’s score.
This would be really useful in my opinion. It would be just like how you can on YouTube. But, it would be really helpful, because sometimes I just want to put a notice, or info on my song without it being in the description. Because not everyone reads the description, but I feel like there is a better chance that someone would see the first comment. Anyone agree?

2. A admin/admins can pin discussions in their groups.
This would be extremely useful. I own a competition group with @LegendIan, and it would be really useful if we could pin discussions. It would be extremely great if we could pin up to 5 discussions too. Anyone agree?

Is there anyway to retrieve lost views to a composition -- explanation below.

I am not a huge fan of statistics, but I do like to have my music played and downloaded.

I composed a variation on Canon in D a few years ago and it got about 3,000 views I then deleted it and uploaded a new version (rather than updating) and the new version now has around 4,000.

If I could get this one song to have 7,000 views, it could be a great gateway into my other music.  because I would be on the first page of the search for Canon in D.

I made this same mistake with iTunes.  Where I created a chess app, and sold it for a few thousand bucks, not realizing the value of the 'chess' keyword placement (the keyword was worth 100X more than the app)

I have since learned my lesson.  But, I was  wondering if there is anyway I can retrieve the views I essentially deleted from my Canon in D.   

Lastly, since I have decided to make this slightly immature inquiry, the most verbose post possible, the top Musescore songs that show up in search in no way correlate to the best songs to download.   

Feature Request

There should be a playlist function. You can add songs to a playlist and once one is over, it automatically changes to the next song. You can set playlists to loop and listen to other peoples' playlists.

Some things could automatically be playlists, like all the songs made by a user or in a set.

Sound like a good idea?

Are we 100% sure that all updated scores are actually updated?

I don't know if I am going crazy (or more accurately more crazy than I already am), but I swear some of my scores haven't updated correctly.

Anytime someone downloads one of my scores, I then proceed to update it with the newest version (if it had a new version)

Anyway, I am POSITIVE I  updated some of my scores that were previously downloaded, and it is not showing the current version.