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Reference point

I cannot find any information on the creation of reference points for positioning text.
I have staff text at the top of the page and visually positioned off-center on purpose.
When I go into the text properties I want to set the alignment to be centered horizontally. However, when this is done, the text moved very far out to the left of center of the page.
Reading about text alignment, it says that the text will be positioned according to the
reference point set.
I cannot find out how this reference point is set or how to change it.

Contest Group

If anyone wants to have fun while improving their composing skills, please join Contest Group. Our first two contests have started. One is to write a harp concerto in C flat, I say C flat because harps are most resonant here, and to write a song for orchestra in a rare key.

Soundcloud Audio Attachment

With the marvelous new ability to attach the audio from youtube videos as the default playback on a score, I was thinking the ability to attach the audio from a soundcloud link as the default playback would be just as great.

Soundcloud does have an API for this purpose; I've used it to play audio from any public soundcloud link on an unrelated website, and it works quite well.

That mainly makes it so we don't have to worry about making a video. Just a sound file.

New Video feature is FANTASTIC

I recently made a video to accompany a score I wrote for a contest.

I posted it to Musescore and then went to edit and created a video score.

To my surprise there is an option for a pro account to use the video as the default playback.

This means that I can use any soundfont I desire, place my edited song into a video and when others click on my score, they get to listen to and watch my video. AS DEFAULT

No longer are we chained to FluidR3Mono soundfont as the playback.

I did not choose to sync the score to the video, so the score did NOT play or pan as the video played. I only assume if I sync it the score will pan as the video plays.

What a great idea. You get to listen to my song, as I intend it. In any soundfont combination. I can decide if the score pans or just a video plays.

GREAT JOB Musescore.

Strings Soundfont

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new soundfont for my strings. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've got excellent fonts for concert band instruments, but unfortunately the strings always sound horrible. I'm looking for individual instrument samples too (i.e. violin, viola, cello, and bass as separate files). Thanks for any help!

Concert pitch and Sax

Dear all,
I love musescore to create rehearsal files for my choir work. I found saxophone (here: bass ine in bariton sax) the best instrument. As this is a transposed instrument, I need to turn on concert pitch to make it look like what it sounds like. In OSX all works fine when I use concert pitch. But when I load the files in songbook, it plays well but renders the notes a strange offset way higher, see my screenshots at
Can you make it look alike?
Love your work, please go on!

Feature Request: marking scores

Hi, I've just downloaded musescore, and had a bit of a play with it. To what I can see, it's positioning itself not just to display scores, but to be an aid for practice. I think in this aspect, what is lacking is the ability to mark scores. I know when I am practicing, I always have a pencil with me to mark things that I have to watch out for.
Even if these were just stored locally, it would be a great addition to the app. Already, I think I'm going to enjoy using this app, but this would make it even better.

Importing drum midi and remapping

I have a midi file that after importing, it is shown with
Staff Name=Drum.02
Sound=Grand Piano

The chart is built as 2 staffs. I choose to change the staff properties, setting it to
Style Group=Percussion

In the Properties window,
Before and after changing the instrument from Piano to Drumset
Part name is shows as Piano, Drum02

I click Apply and the notes change appropriately to what looks like drum notation

How do I combine the 2 piano staff into a one percussion staff?

Do I need to change the imported mid file and it's sound property from Grand Piano to percussion? If so, how do I do this?