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Opening .mscz files from file manager shows strange behaviour

When I open an mscz file from a file manager (long press - open with... - MuseScore), sometimes the file is displayed as expected, sometimes I end up in th e "browse scores" view. Possibly the difference is, if MuseScore is already running or not.
When the score is opened correctly, the "hamburger menu" top right sometimes doesn't do anything, sometimes it shows an incomplete unusable dropdown menu.

Offline files cannot be used reliably by now.

MuseScore's transition to Freemium and cross-platform access

Hello everyone,

Historically, MuseScore has had two mobile apps for Android: a paid one (Songbook) and a free one (MuseScore). There's also a desktop version of MuseScore where users can have  Pro accounts that are not linked to any of the apps which means they can't use their premium features there.
The vast majority of users use MuseScore Android to browse scores and in only a couple of years of its existence, about a million users have launched it at least once. These numbers inspire us to move forward and continue improving MuseScore products even further. 

Today, I want to announce a significant update that will be released shortly and after which MuseScore will transition to a cross-platform Freemium model.
This means that we'll unify subscriptions and accounts of the two existing apps and the desktop version of MuseScore. This way, Pro users from desktop will finally be able to use all premium features of the mobile app which will help us concentrate our efforts on improving it. 
Why are we doing this?

Our business model is 'Make products, not content' 
We put a lot of effort into improving our products. Mobile apps are a direction that we deem one of the most prospective ones and where we put the most effort into. 
While some companies make their apps free in stores but ask money for the access to scores, we negotiate with right holders of the scores in order to give our users free access to all public scores provided by our community.
We're searching for new competitive monetization models that will allow us to stay on par with market's powerhouses and we want to achieve this by continuously improving our services. 

All scores should be available to everyone
This is our core value. Any user from any device should have the most convenient way of accessing scores. The main advantage of the freemium model is that it allows all users to explore the app and upgrade their access if they like it enough. And by 'like' we firstly mean quickly and easily finding what users need or getting a lot of views on their own scores.  

Freemium works, it's how the majority of the mobile apps operate
We believe that the freemium model is the most prospective way of the mobile app development and that it'll let us accumulate more resources for turning MuseScore Android from a simple score browser to an invaluable tool for any musician.
Pro users shouldn't have any restrictions when they use our products. From the very first day of our work, we've been thinking how to give more value to pro users. Since then, we've introduced a lot of new features most important of which is being able to access all features of the mobile app. Users who previously bought MuseScore Songbook will soon get the access to the full version of the MuseScore mobile app (to get the access you’ll need to log in to your new account). 

Freemium means free
We'd like to note that these changes don't mean our apps will be hidden behind a paywall. The key functions of the app such as search and playback will remain free. However, some extra features like the offline access, opening scores from the local storage and a couple of others will be paid. 

We want more feedback and more ideas
We want to make our apps the best and the most useful for beginners and pros alike. That’s why we want to implement as many helpful instruments as we can and looking forward to receiving feedback from you. Bringing all products together will let us concentrate on developing them. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to share them here or in the ‘Improving MuseScore’ group. Thanks for reading!


quand je crée des parties avec MuseScore 3.0, chaque partie (dans son onglet)  joue toutes les voix bien que sur la partition une seule partie apparaisse. Le mélangeur fait apparaître la même configuration pour toutes les parties (avec MuseScore 2.2 le mélangeur ne faisait apparaître que la voix de la partie) et chaque changement affecte toutes les parties. Comment faire pour que la partie par exemple ténor ne joue que la voix ténor ?

Can't @-complete users with "funny names"

I can't deny someone's right to have a user-handle in Cyrillic (can deal with) or even Chinese ideograms (much more difficult, but legit), but people who put cute little music-notes or graphic characters in their user-handles gratuitously defeat the completion mechanism.  I don't know how to solve it -- if the name has some Latin-1 content, that's a start, but some do not, including one ingenious one using Chinese characters that were deliberately chosen for fortuitous their resemblance to Latin ones.

Lao MN font (Unicode Characters) for Lyrics and Title missing on MuseScore website?


I am using Lao MN fonts from Mac OSX for Title, Lyrics and Sub Titles  text and it is working very well even on my computer. But since  December 10th 2018, when I upload my new scores on website, it won't be  the same fonts anymore... I used MuseScore version 2.3.2.
I try to re-upload the same score.
The one that was uploaded on December 02 2018 is OK.
But the same score re-upload today (February 06 2019) seems not to display correctly. Why?
When I download both 2 scores and re-open on MuseScore 2.3.2 on computer, they seems all OK. 
Thanks for any help

Accessibility: Unlabelled controls on website


As I am visually impaired, I use a screen reader to access computers.

On the website, there are a couple of unlabelled buttons - probably graphics with no "alt text". Please can this be fixed? Hopefully fairly easy job.

1. On all pages, the next button after "Upload" is "unlabelled 0 button". I understand this is the notification bell.

2. on, there is an "unlabelled 3 button" after the "All" search category.

There may be more.

I trust this helps and many thanks for looking into this.

With best regards,


Changing a key-signature to a single part in a multi-instrument score not working

Using up-to-date MuseScore on Mac.  
Making a Score using the Brass Band template.  I am trying to change one parts key signature, when I click and hold the Mac 'CMD' key from the palette key-sig I want and drag it onto the part stave, the first bar (where the key shows) highlights, but doesn't change to the new key signature. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

formatting screwed up when opening MS2 files in MS3

I have opened my current project in MS3 and found all kind of elements at strange locations: tie and sostenuto-lines, dynamics etc. Also system distances and other global formatting settings were not correctly picked up. Applying the option 'reset the position of all elements' did change but not really improve the problem.
Further tests with older files resulted in pretty much the same picture.

I am generally using style files. Since these are not portable between 2 and 3 I first suspected this to be the cause of my trouble but more detailed inspection suggests that something else must be interfering. 

Has any of you experienced similar problems?

Recently, many of my older scores posted to the website have become disconnected from their synced YouTube audio (Please note that this is NOT a 3.0 issue)


(Please note that this is NOT a 3.0 issue)

Recently, many of my older scores posted to the website have become disconnected from their synced YouTube audio.

 In other words, even though the score is synced to a YouTube video (in  the "Manage Audio Sources" area), when the user presses the play button,  the score plays; however there is no red measure marker tracking along  with the score. 
I provided a screen capture on Facebook in the MuseScore Discussion and Support Group: that hopefully will help explain the issue: The top represents an  existing score (although the playback is on measure 3, there is no red  measure marker tracking on the synced score. The issue is fixed by  clicking on the 3-dots and then "Clear Markers" followed by "Load Score  Markers" as shown in the bottom portion of the screen capture.

An example of a score with this issue is at: and and

 Although the user fix is relatively easy, I have over 5,000 scores  online which presents an unreasonable challenge for me to fix this for  all the affected scores. My hope is that a developer might see and  recognize this issue and provide a back-end correction to the website  that will correct this disconnect on mine (and likely others) scores.


How do you place *one* quarter rest in a measure?

As often as I've tried to add a quarter rest to the measure, it works, but it adds **two** of them, and I am unable to delete the other rest, because there are no other notes in that measure, which is fine, because, in a 4/4 tempo song, only the first and last measure, can have less than 4 beats per measure. And if you add the fist and last measures together, it will equal 4 beats anyway. 

So, how do you place *one* quarter rest in a measure? 

Ticklin' Ivory