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Playing LOUDER

What are some techniques to playing LOUDER, I always seem to play too quiet. I'm in middle school band, and I want to impact the band more. I need to stand out while I'm playing rather than just conducting- be a good influence for my band (I'm the drum major and I suck XD)

The Beethoven Variations

This is my second attempt at doing a Theme and Variations. With my first attempt, I used the A minor section of Rondo Alla Turka. But I didn't get very far with it. So this time I'm taking a different theme as my original theme and I'm varying it. It is the most well known theme in existence. Yes, the original theme that I'm varying is the first theme of Beethoven's fifth.
So far I've come up with these ideas on how to vary it:

  • Fugue(this is probably going to be the hardest variation, so why not just get over it now and do the easier variations later)
  • Triple meter
  • Major key

But I think that it deserves like 12 variations(also 12 is the most  common number of variations I see in a Theme and Variations followed  closely by 9).
I'm not even sure if it is possible to marchify the theme, given that it is already in 2/4 time. To make it easier on myself, I went for a string quartet arrangement of Beethoven's fifth instead of the full orchestra version that Beethoven himself composed. Do you have any  ideas as to how I could vary the theme?
Here is the score as it is right now. I will update this later when I have more variations. Anyway, here is the score:

Which Professional Sax Should I Invest In?

The local music store here, Groth Music (Also the biggest music store in Minnesota) has three different professional tenor sax models for sale, at least that’s what shows on their website. If they have more, I’ll look into it. For now, I just want to know if there are opinions.

The options are:

Selmer Paris Professional Model 54JU Tenor Saxophone

Selmer Paris Professional Model 84 Tenor Saxophone

Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone

Btw, I’m leaning towards the Custom Z because I want one with black lacquer so I can look cool at school :P

J&J's Challenges: Going Forward

Hello, all! 
I've recently been communicating with @Jaybird1 about the plans for this group. It's been great that so many people have stepped up and offered to help! So here's the game plan:
We have several roles available, because one person can't do it all. 
A. a day-to-day moderator 
B. a challenge creator
C. a judge
We want multiple people filling these roles: two to three moderators, one or two challenge creators, and six or seven judges. Please comment below if you want more info for a position. Note that even though we want many judges, applicants for a judge spot will be held to a high standard regarding qualifications. I will give more details to interested parties, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Jay is leaving for a choir tour shortly, so I'd like to have things well on hand with his return, maybe even be in a position to run a July challenge! Thanks!