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Hi there,

We are new to this group.
A short introduction. We are a drum group from The Netherlands with the mission to promote rudimental drumming in the broadest way.
We are currently Musescore Ambassadors and have a weekly item #MusescoreMonday.
We release a new score each Monday.
This can be a warming up, a rudimental lick, drum feature or composition... etc..
Check out our score of this Monday and check our page.

We'd love to hear from you and talk a out the craft of (rudimental) drumming and #ShareTheTradition

Team RD

I'm popping off! Extremely long Nintendo Medley looking to get longer.

For almost five years and across two different music notation websites, I've been compiling tons of Nintendo (and Nintendo adjacent) tracks into one ginormous score. If any of you want to take a listen, the link is: .

More importantly, I'm looking for suggestions to continue to add onto the score. I have no Animal Crossing songs, very few Pikmin songs, and am no doubt missing some obscure gems from obscure video games. Send me titles or files/transcriptions so that I can make this medley truly ultimate.

(My goal is to be able to work a whole shift at work without having to change songs.)

Pop Arrangements (open to requests)

I've thought that I'd like to arrange some pop music for clarinet, so feel free to request for arrangements below!! (not guaranteed that i'll accept any though...)

I'm currently busy with an arrangement and a couple of compositions, so I'd not be able to take on any offers right now. But feel free to make suggestions (if you don't need them quick) below and I may pick them up one day!