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Old marching tenor patch?

I see it in mixer settings but it doesn't actually play anything... I liked the sound of the original tenor drum that was part of the drumlins plugin. Must I download that again to get the right sounds? The new tenor drum is just too plastic sounding and I prefer the fullness of the old ones. The same can be said for the "Old Marching Bass" which I would like to have as well. 

Now completely separate, I seem to be having trouble attaching a bracket to the single line snare drum. Any feedback, thanks. 

ARLISSA - Devil and the Deep - Notation from MIDI file. Need help cleaning up

in Piano

I rigged up some software to "listen" to an instrumental recording of this song.  It captured the basic essence of it, but the notation looks atrocious.  I don't read music, and I don't know how to improve this.  Anyone out there good at this?  Have some suggestions? I have tried numerous times to upload the MIDI file to the main section, and it doesn't seem to work.  So I'm trying it here.

Someone stole my score (and many other peoples)?

So, the other day, I decided to search up my Musescore username on google just for fun and then I saw this come up:

This dude stole my score and uploaded it to this website without my permission. There is also CLEARLY a copyright and it CLEARLY shows my name in the composers name. I get curious so I proceed to look at this dude's profile and come to find that he has several other stolen scores. 

It kinda sounds like I'm overreacting but this is illegal. As shown on the Scribd copyright pages, "Content on and the Scribd mobile app is provided by our members without pre-approval by Scribd or a Scribd representative. The  unauthorized uploading of copyrighted content is strictly prohibited, and Scribd complies with all applicable provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998." and it also states on another page that if you upload something that you don't own, it is "called copyright infringement, and it is illegal."

I'm sorry if this kinda breaks the more playful, non-serious environment of RSA, but this is very serious and this group is (somewhat) active so it would be easier to get help. Also, I would like people to check if this dude stole any of your scores or scores of people you know.

Sorry if this ruined your mood, but thank you.

Update: I looked up some of the scores that were stolen by this dude on Musescore and found most of the ones I searched for. I guess this person likes to steal off of Musescore(??)

The Songs with Guitar/banjo.

This is a list of songs that I believe have guitar/banjo. (Banjo Credits go to @TheRealDjimbo)

Die House.
Botanic Panic. (Ban.)
Ruse of an Ooze. (Ban.)
Floral Fury. 
Clip Joint Calamity. (Ban)
Inkwell Isle 1 (Ban.)
Inkwell Isle 2.
Sugarland Shimmy.
Aviary Action. (Ban.)
Carnival Kerfuffle.
Fiery Frolic.
Legendary Ghost. (Ban.)
Pyramid Peril.
Victory Tune.
Shootin' 'n' lootin'.
Dramatic Fanatic.
Murine Corps.
Junkyard Jive.
High Seas Hi-Jinx.
Railroad Wrath.
All Bets are Off.
Inkwell Hell.
The King's Court.
Admission to Perdition.
Winner Takes All (Ban.)
Closing Credits.


Amanda here, I just joined this group and have been using musescore for about 18 months.  I love it! I've been doing some recorder arrangements for a group I'm starting in my community.  They are pretty easy standard, so feel free to have a look and use them if you like. I think they would be suited to Primary / Elementary school experienced players or adults with a bit of experience.