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A new group has been created by me and Jay, and we need YOU to come participate in the contest! In this group, contests for the best score will be held. Winners of the contests will receive: likes on your score, a follow by both me and John, and an announcement of your score and username for a first place shout out!! So come join today!! Can't wait to see what you've got. Contests have already started, but the next competition will be held at the end of Feb. early March. Jay and I are so excited to see you there!
Kindest Regards, -John :D

Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream Online Free Full Show

We always love Jazz and Pop music! We also want to watch the Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream Online Free Full Show here:

"It's legislative issues," says one supervisor who's been engaged with the sales firsthand (Among bundles he gotten was a Taylor Swift "VIP box," which he presumes her group sent to a large number of industry insiders around the designation time frame.) "Who's a voter and who's not a voter? Since the Recording Academy abandons it so murky, there are these in the background ruses." 

While forceful advancement is predicable for the music business, the measure of Grammy-explicit promoting has as of late move higher than ever. "The promoting is tightening up," says Daniel Glass, leader of Glassnote Records, which has propped up specialists, for example, Childish Gambino, the Temper Trap and Mumford and Sons for Grammys previously. "The measure of cash being spent on promotions in exchange magazines, the messages with the grimy expressions of 'For your Consideration' — it used to be inconspicuous and careful years back, however it appears as though the gloves are off and it's significantly more worthy presently to connect. Individuals are coming up to me and saying 'I realize you're casting a ballot! If it's not too much trouble vote in favor of this present!' It's exceptionally glaring at this point." 

A year ago, Steve Knopper chronicled the extraordinary craftsman crusades by Harry Styles, Portugal. the Man and others – and how a few administrators like Monique Grimme, co-proprietor of the New Jersey non mainstream name Bongo Boy Records, gather names of plausible Grammy voters from systems and online gatherings. Grimme offers an administration for outside the box specialists to gain admittance to that rundown, which has more than 8,000 email locations, and shoot their limited time materials amid Grammy casting a ballot season. "It's an approach to tell the casting a ballot network there is a ton of ability out there that warrants their thought," she says. For outside the box specialists, such administrations are crucial to their professions. 

Numerous Grammy contenders are additionally competing for the honors by tag-joining the melody generation process itself. "The measure of coordinated effort between composing, creating, aestheticness on tunes — it resembles there are insufficient lines for credits," Glass says. "Individuals are adding to the chances of making it. Here and there are 11 or 15 individuals on a melody. Individuals are thinking all the more cooperatively to enhance their odds." 

Without a doubt, as per the honors' parent gather the Recording Academy, in excess of 21,000 entries came in for 84 classifications this year. To abstain from being covered, some littler specialists pool their cash and take out a promotion together for expanded perceivability. For in-person advancement, "you additionally have the Grammy blenders, the get-togethers sorted out by individuals themselves in urban areas with significant parts, where specialists can discover the casting a ballot network," Grimme exhorts. Move music veteran Lawrence Lui, who runs Bampire, a promoting firm having some expertise in featuring non mainstream specialists for Grammy thought, says some exchange productions turn out to be "truly totally reserved" in advertisements set by the profound stashed Big Three marks. Therefore, non mainstream specialists swing more to focused social promoting and cordial systems administration with very much regarded hitmakers and individual performers. "Each and every piece helps," Lui says. 


Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream Online Free Full Show
Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream Online Free Full
Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream Online Free
Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream Online
Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream


Okay, our next competition is finally here, and this time it is an arrangement contest! :D

- It is open to all members of this group (so join now if you haven't yet!)
- Contestants must submit an original arrangement/variation of the first movement of Vivaldi's "Spring" (La Primavera)
- Composition must be for one to five instruments
- All genres and styles are accepted
- The total length of the submission must be between one and five minutes
- All entries must be received by February 5th, 2019
- Voting will be performed by the general Musescore community after February 5th and will be available for at least 48 hours

To prevent cheating and guarantee originality, all submissions will be gathered in a dedicated group, which will be opened on February 1st, 2019. Do not upload your composition entry before then!

A few helpful suggestions:
- Feel free to focus on a single part of the song and don't worry about creating a complete and accurate representation of the original.
- Creatively interpret the original melody and add your own harmony for a interesting arrangement.
- Unique compositions will be rewarded with votes, so be radical with your arrangement!
- The original solo line along with the two harmony lines is available here; feel free to refer to it.

2/1 UPDATE: We are collecting entries for this contest here until February 5th.
2/6 UPDATE: We are no longer collecting entries, please visit to vote.

Getting chord symbol playback, manually

Lead sheets are of course disappointing to listen to in MuseScore because there is no built-in facility for generating accompaniment based on the chord symbols.  Programs like Impro-Visor, iReal Pro, and others excel at this, and maybe some day MuseScore will have this ability.  Meanwhile, I have created a resource you might find useful.  It's a "cheat sheet" score with typical jazz piano voicings (as well as more generic voicings for folk/pop etc) for a wider variety of chords.  Just add a piano part to your lead sheet (using Edit / Instruments), copy and paste from the "cheat sheet" to the piano, then mark the piano invisible (also in Edit / Instruments).

Here is the "cheat sheet":

You can download it here: