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Support My School

Alright, here’s an ad. So many of you likely support music education in schools. I would like to ask a favor. My school uses money raised from this fundraiser to repair its instruments, and buy new ones.
So please, buy something, ANYTHING, from the link below.
I think you can find something for you. Please, support the future of music education. Buy now.

is it just me or

one time i had surgery to get my tonsiles removed, and i actually enjoyed it because
a)i got a cool hospital bed n stuff
b)when they gave me anesthesia, the guy gave me a 2 dollar bill and i got a warm washcloth on my neck xD
c)i got to stay home all day and do NOTHING but sit on the couch, play video games, and eat ice cream 
d) i got to skip school for like a week

the only reason i can think of that i didnt like it is because i threw up alot and when the scar stuff came off, it HURT LIKE HELL.
but apart from that i loved it xD