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Updating file for a score

Hello all,

Yesterday I tried updating my latest work in Christmas carols with a new file that had some fixes in it. The score visually loaded up right with my fixes but the music was still the old version. I tried updating the score a few times and changing the file on that update screen but it didn't work. Since I deleted it and made a new upload from scratch but thought it good to make a post here about the problem. Thanks for any response, have a good one.

What is the Definition of a Sin?

For this debate, let us assume that the BIble tells the whole truth. Even if you are an atheist, as I am, imagine, just for this debate, that you are merely denying an obvious truth of the world, and that you are completely unaware you are denying it.

Given this, what is a sin at it's core level? Is it an intentional wrongdoing? Is it an error in judgement? Is the only thing that makes a particular act a sin the fact that God says it is a sin?

Are there loopholes? Can you find a way to commit the act without it connecting back to you (I.E. hiring an assassin, or something to that effect)?

Can the definition be changed? Has it already changed due to the new testament?

Welcome New Members!

This comment section is for us to get to know each other, so, post a few things about yourself, brag about your music life (a little, don't make others cry, please...), and basically, become our friends.

I'll start. Although my Username is Susie Curlycue, my real name is Joshua Peterson. I live in Manti, Utah, and am 16. I have nine other family members, two older sisters, two younger sisters, three younger brothers, and obviously, my mom and dad. I play Trombone, (bass trombone), Trumpet, French Horn, Mellophone, Piano, and am learning Flute right now. I have written my own oratorio (if you don't know what it is look it up), and other things. And I'm a Mormon.

No audio. Upload corrupted.

So. I tried uploading my Fall of Sanctum-III
But apparently half of whom ever tries to listen to it, can't hear a thing. Me included. Yes. I could go get "PRO" to use your nifty little manually editable Audio source-feature, but this shouldn't be the only solution to this. (Also in case one might not have the financial ressources to do this...)

I'd happily provide any information you might need about the containments of the score, convertions so on and so forth. Just please fix it -it's really annoying.

Best whishes
G. B. Wanscher


Here is my FIRST album! (Periodic Hopelessness)

Song 1: This is an imaginative world
Song 2: Our World Is Damaging!
Song 3: Alarmed Rhythm
Song 4: Minuet in e (MUST LISTEN!)
Song 5: Conservation of Night and Darkness (MUST LISTEN!)

The second album will be released, although the released date is unknown. After the second album has been released, the first album maybe deleted (unless further notification). Instead, the songs will be uploaded in youtube, with free downloaded musescore file (the method will be changed).

It must be emphasized that your comment is definitely valuable! Therefore, please leave a comment to let me improve my songs. (The songs that I have uploaded can be changed). Of course, please add them into your favourite if you like them!

Musescore Convention?

So ya know how like theres comic-con and all or like vid con and content creators from all over convene in one place where they actually can talk and meet with people face to face? (like a convention/conference)

What if we created a Musescore convention? Like we hosted a yearly conference or something in Chicago and people from all over met up with each other and discussed different ideas about music composition, ideas about musescore, composition workshops, tech workshops, masterclasses, etc....

It's just a thought I had that sounded cool in my head so maybe it does in real life?
What are your opinions?


Bartolome Catalayud is a Spanish composer and guitarist. He also studied harmony and composition with well-known local musician and composer Antonio Noguera (Antonio Noguera). During his stay in the Spanish province of Valencia continental met with Francisco Tarrega and took lessons from him.
Allegria is original composition for classical guitar
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