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About the new update (2.2.1)

I'm not sure what they did to improve the program. All I notice now is a horrible sound-font, especially when compared to 2.1. I know that you can add your own sound fonts, but I was notorious for being able to make an arrangement or piece sound great even with the semi-limited soundfont (like the clarinet click glitch). However, this new soundfont is so horrible that it's almost unbearable to compose or arrange for it. ESPECIALLY the drums. Whatever you did to the soundfont, (@musescore team) undo it, because it was better the way it was.


Is it just me, or is there some kind of formatting thing going on with the description box for songs? Every description of a song that I look at is showing me the formatting coding (the stuff in the < > brackets) of the text (i.e. paragraph breaks, smiley faces...) instead of the formatting. It may just be my old worthless laptop, but I dunno.... :/

Spider Girl Duet
Okay so this song, is AMAZINGLY catchy, and I REALLY want to play it on my violin, but I'm not great at figuring music out myself, much less making sheet music of it. Would anyone be willing to make a composition of this?

If you want something in return I can offer free art! I do digital art (Examples here:
which can be found on the previous link, or on my DeviantArt account (ChronostheViolinist)
If you want a specific shading style you'll have to tell me.

That's... basically all I have to give in return XD

Heck the score doesn't even have to be completely perfect, I really just need a starting point to figure it out from.