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Looking for help [Piano]

Hi everyone,

i'm looking for help for arrange just the piano part of this song

I love that korn cover so freakin' much and i'd really like to be able to play it at the piano,
but my arrangement skills are extremely bad. 
I've been trying to play it for like 5 months and this is the arrangement attempt i made

Well thank you so much and i hope somebody can help me, i will appreciate so much. :)

ROUND TEN: Eviction

As this is going to be a shorter round than usual, I've decided to provide a short and simple stimulus for you to work on. Your challenge is to write a piece based on a "fairytale" of your choosing. Your inspiration can be either from a famous fable such as "Hansel and Gretel", etc., or from a lesser-known story that you want to musically adapt. Other than that, I'm going to allow you complete free reign. Try to make it last around 1 - 6 minutes, and use any instruments you want. The deadline is the 8th of August.

( Note: if your fairytale isn't very well-known, it might be helpful to leave a short synopsis of it in the description... )

Good luck!


in Piano

I'm a LCM grade 5 pianist and recently I have moved away from piano. I want to play it but I get pretty mad while playing if I make even one mistake. I'm not certain about playing it but I want to. I want to go against my non playing instinct. Help me about this please!


Hello High School Composers!

Hey everyone! 

I have noticed how dead this group has gotten, and as the founder of it, I have taken it rather hard... :''( 

I am hereby resuming head judge duties for this competition until things have settled in again. We will return to the old rubric: 

Musicality - 50 points
Instrumentation - 25 points
Playability - 15 points 
Setup - 10 points

Expect one competition once every two or three months until further notice. 

Since HSCC #13 was never finished, this is notice for those who entered to re-enter your piece for HSCC #14. 

I will accept submissions until the 15th of August, with results hopefully coming out the 31st of August. 

Judges will be announced later. 

When you enter, please put HSCC #14 into your uploaded title, add them to group and post a link in the description below. 

Also, quick poll, how many of you would be willing to pay a 1$ entrance fee for a month of pro being the grand prize per competition? I don't really know how that would work out, but comment below if you like the idea. 

Daily Hug!

Hello. Here are your hugs of the day! *gives you all of the hugs*

You are all lovely and beautiful and appreciated. It can be hard to remember that sometimes, but know that it is true because Fia said so and Fia is obviously always right. :P

I hope you all have had a day that is just as amazing as you are! <3